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Jen Causey-Kidder January 14, 2016

Bridal Shower Planning Tips for the Bride

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Hello DIY Darlings, congratulations to all the holiday engagements and 2016 brides! If you are anything like me, you cannot wait for your bridal shower (or showers!) to arrive. This is a time to see people you haven’t seen in awhile and celebrate the beautiful, sacred union you are about to enter into…

Adorable Days Until Shes A Mrs Sign!Image courtesy of: Lane Love Design.

Wedding planning requires tons of thought and creativity from the bride and groom, but the bridal shower is supposed to be thrown in the bride’s honor – meaning no help from the bride herself. As a bride, this can be a hard concept to understand. This is a time where you are in prime planning mode and on top of your creative game. Some may even be referring to you as an organizational ninja! However, this isn’t a party your newly acquired ninja skills are supposed to plan, and rather than looking like Bridezilla, here are some helpful ways to assist your hostess without taking the responsibility away from her.

Pinterest Inspiration For Your Hostess

Bridal Shower Inspiration saved on Pinterest!

By now I am sure you have spent hours searching the internet to find the perfect details to include as part of your dream wedding. Why not help out your hostess and create a Pinterest board including a few of your favorite bridal shower ideas and themes. Something I learned in this process was that it’s important to include two or three themes you are really passionate about so your hostess has choices available. Not to mention if you are having two, or even three, showers, this gives all the hostess an opportunity to choose the theme and unique ideas that she likes best. Here are a few of my favorites:

Timeless Guest Book

Awesome plate guest book idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Three Nails Photography // Via: Wedding Chicks

Balloon Chandelier

Check out this DIY Balloon Chandelier decor idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Image: Melissa Holmes Photography // Via: Wedding Chicks

Sweet Pretty Treats

Gorgeous treat display of pretty macaroons

IMAGE CREDITS: 100 Layer Cakes

Create A Spotify Playlist For The Shower

There are times at parties where there can be dead air and what better way to fill the air then with sweet melodies! This playlist could also be multi-purpose and be played during your cocktail hour while guests are waiting for you and your groom to make your grand entrance. I loved the post that Jen shared a few weeks back which was a free playlist she created on Spotify for your engagement shoot, that everyone can listen to for free. I am a Spotify junkie so the post inspired me to start thinking about what music was going to be played at my bridal shower. I asked my hostess if she would mind if I created my own list, she was thrilled with the idea! I’ve been building it for a few weeks now, listening on and off and refining my chosen list. As soon as I’m 100% happy with it, we are going to share it here – so stay tuned! (ha-ha)

Give One-Of-A-Kind Hostess Gifts

Whoever is hosting your bridal shower is more than likely a close friend or family member, so take the extra time to plan out a very special hostess gift that fits their style. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

DIY Spa Gift Basket

DIY Spa Basket gift idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Boulder Locavore

Personalize A Tea or Coffee Cup

Personalized tea cup gift idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Velvet Crown Designs

Order From their Favorite Artist

Art print gift idea!

IMAGE CREDITS: Bari J. Designs

No matter what your shower looks like, who hosts it or what your theme is – enjoy the time you’re able to spend in the company of your favorites! Stay tuned for photos from my showers in the upcoming months. Until next time!

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