Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder December 16, 2015

Press Trip // Chalk Ink Headquarters

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-Partnered Post-

Just two short weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting Austin, Texas for the very first time to tour the headquarters of Chalk Ink. I was super excited to learn more about their unique formulation of chalk marker while equally excited about visiting a city I’d heard so many fabulous things about. Neither disappointed. From staying at the amazing South Congress Hotel to enjoying an evening in this cave at La Condesa and so much more – it was one for the books. Outcome; I’m now in love with their markers and can’t wait to go back to Austin!

Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!

Welcome To Austin Texas sign created by Anilyn using the Artista Pro chalk markers.

Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!

It Was Such a Fun Trip!

Amazing food, wonderful company (Jessica from The Budget Savvy Bride pictured here with me), fantastic crafting tips + info and an overall fabulous time spent. I learned that Austin is the home of live music and delicious cuisine – if you ever have the chance to go, take it. A diverse group of bloggers and creatives attended the event and being that I work behind a computer all day, it was lovely to meet those I hadn’t met before and spend some quality time with those I had. Chalk Ink spared no expense giving us the full Austin treatment and even took us on a super fun Duck Tour, where you drive around the city and then drive right into a lake!

Jen of Something Turquoise and Jessica of The Budget Savvy Bride

Craft Time!

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the craft time they set up for us to use all of their different chalk markers and learn first hand about their differences. Product education is huge for me personally because the most important part of my job is to be able to share DIY tutorials with YOU that actually work and easily communicate how to use certain tools and products. I wish we had more time to craft because it was so fun! We all made holiday Bells (see mine below) and ornaments; which I didn’t finish because I was really into perfecting the font of my last name. What’s great is that the design I created will wipe right off with a wet wipe – but won’t smear to the touch!

Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!
Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!

Two Chalk Marker Formulas

I’m going to list all the reasons that I fell in love with these markers on my trip, but first I want to share the differences between their two chalk formulas:

The Wet Wipe formula erases easily with water, a wet wipe or any ammonia based cleaner. It will not smudge or erase if touched like normal chalk. You can use them on chalkboards, plastic, glass and metal.

The Artista Pro formula is waterproof! So if you make an outdoor sign for your wedding and it rains – no problem! You can erase this formula from any non-porous surface using any ammonia based cleaner. It was created with the chalk artist and sign maker in mind.

  • They are non-toxic and food safe – hooray!!!
  • They write beautifully and come in multiple tip sizes for different projects.
  • Their colors are gorgeous and vibrant.
  • I like that you can buy individual markers or bulk packs.
  • If you write with one or more colors at once, as long as it’s wet you can blend the colors together to create a new shade!
  • I like to outline my designs in chalk before I use a real chalk or paint pen and the markers wrote over my chalk outline with ease! This was huge for me, as many other chalk and paint pens will gunk up when you do that.
  • I love that they told us they don’t last forever! Thank you! Just like makeup and food – markers shouldn’t be expected to last forever. 1.5 years is the max and they should be stored on their side.
Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!

Chalkboard Paint Coming Soon!

In just a few months Chalk Ink will be releasing their very own line of chalkboard paint! It’s a multi-surface formulation designed specifically to work with both versions of their markers. We got to try some out on these super cute ornaments!

Something Turquoise visited Chalk Ink's Headquarters in Austin!

Where to Buy?

You can buy Chalk Ink markers, both the wet wipe and Artista Pro versions on their website and on Amazon. Both sites sell individual pens and specialty packs.

Something Turquoise Discount Code!

From now until the end of 2015, use our code “turquoise20” at checkout on to save 20% off your entire purchase!

Be Awesome today. Tomorrow. Always.

-Partnered Post-

Chalk Ink!

This was a partnered post between Something Turquoise and Chalk Ink. The creators of the original Chalk Ink Marker, a company committed to providing their customers with innovative writing solutions and a full spectrum of chalk art supplies that allow imaginations to run wild and creations to come to life. I experienced a fully paid press trip to Austin, TX. in exchange for sharing my honest opinion about their brand. All images copyright of®.

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