December 12, 2015

Aren’t Saturday’s the best!?! You can sleep in… you don’t have to work tomorrow… it’s just so good, and totally too short. I’m sure all of you are busily finishing up your holiday shopping and such, personally my craft room is a crazy Christmas present mess – but it’s fabulous. I’m only two small gift cards away from being 100% done with my shopping and I’m thrilled to be starting my wrapping this weekend! If you are around, I’m going to hop on Periscope this afternoon to chat about my Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts to show you in person the different sizes of mason jars mugs that work, so tune in. Whatever your plans are for this weekend, I’m grateful that stopping by ST was one of them! xoxo.

Marron bridesmaids with their winter bride!

Image Courtesy of: Photography By Seneca

Link Love:

  • Instagram Husband. Freaking hilarious. I have been that girl and I’m taking a vow to not be that girl next year.
  • I’m super jazzed because I found the Starbucks Verismo machine for only $59! And I bought it!
  • Have you taken this 16 Personalities Quiz? I’m an ESTJ-T.
  • Doing a Christmas light walk with the family next weekend and I’m going to make this ChexMix for it! Everyone always makes chocolaty-sugary treats, so I need to bring the salt.
  • Did you know you can have an heirloom ring reset to match your modern style?
  • I’m pretty sure I need this watch.
  • Getting a new Jeep in 3 months and I’m dying!!!


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