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Shea Shoemaker
Shea Shoemaker August 06, 2015

Bridal Blogger // Shea’s Wedding Registry 101

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Hi Bridal Babes! With my amazing bridal shower behind me {just last Saturday} and only 58 days to go – it’s getting so real! Here’s a couple of pictures from the fun day and one absolutely perfect mimosa bar!


How cute is this Champagne guest book?! Everyone who attended signed and it will be waiting for us to pop on our one year wedding anniversary!

With showers happening, I wanted to cover our insight into wedding registries. After living together for the past seven years, we’ve accumulated our fair share of house stuff. We have all of the ‘must-haves’, basics and usual newly married registry items multiplied by 100 or so. So when we began to think about registering, we had to consider what we really wanted, needed and what worked best for us and our situation. While some of our house stuff could definitely use an upgrade, we also thought having a honeymoon fund {i.e. a hopefully paid for vacation} sounded amazing! Why yes, we’ll have champagne room-service while we get our massages.{!!!} Our final decision? To do both! Because honestly, what’s more fun than double the registries?!

Target Registry

We registered for a quote unquote, normal wedding registry from Target to upgrade some of our current items. {Towels after 7 years are not what they used to be!} This also worked well for us so we had a specific registry for any showers. {People giving you cash at a party seems a little underwhelming for everyone else.} Target’s easy to set-up registry where you can easily make changes to on their website or on their handy app, are located everywhere geographically, can be bought online from anywhere, shipped to you directly, with multiple price ranges and can easily be exchanged.

Zola Honeyfund Registry

We also set-up a honeyfund registry for our honeymoon. We did quite a bit of research on the honeyfund aspect as there more than a few providers and ended up settling on Zola. It’s easy to set-up, visually appealing and easy to use for your guests! Not to mention, there’s an easy-to-use app to update items and track gifts purchased! You can choose from various settings within the registry itself. Registering only for your honeyfund {honeymoon money} like we did, to having that along with your wanted items from all over the web to registering for specifics portions of your honeymoon {flight, massages, etc.} with the option to Group Gift – allowing everyone to contribute what they want towards a lump sum that can be deposited into a designated bank account for honeymoon use. You can see a peek at ours below. :)



We loved how simple, easy-to-use, visually appealing and how customizable Zola was! We’re looking forward to seeing how Zola works for our wedding honeyfund and for those who forgot to go online…our very own Something Turquoise DIY HoneyFund will be there to save the day…or…our honeymooon!

Create your Zola Registry + Get $20 Zola Credit

Ready to create your very own Zola registry? Create a new Zola registry and earn $20 credit to Zola just for creating one! Click here to get started!

maxresdefault Zola via YouTube

Thanks Bridal Babes! I’ll be back here next month chatting about wedding desserts and going beyond the cake!

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