Etsy Wedding Artist Advice #4
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder July 16, 2015


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Our amazingly talented Etsy Wedding Artists are back with the fourth installment of Etsy Wedding Artist Wedding Advice… this month a few sellers from our “jewelry” category are here sharing their thoughts!

Etsy Wedding Artist -- Wedding Advice

Advice for Brides-to-be from Meadowbelle Market: Take a little breather to cherish those around you – all the people who’ve brought you to where you are today. Gifts that speak to your relationships will be treasured. I adore hearing the story behind why a bride chooses a particular piece of personalized jewelry; they are all varied and each one precious. On a practical note, I found my two most important wedding vendors were the photographer and day-of coordinator! Please trust me on this! A great photographer will capture the spirit, emotions and beauty of the day. A professional {read: paid} coordinator has done this thousands of times; their help should allow you to free your time, heart and energy to take in each treasured moment and spend time with those you love. And that’s what really matters. – Erin, Meadowbelle Market

Custom, hand stamped silver rings - would make great bridesmaid gifts!

Personalized, hand-stamped silver bar ring from Meadowbelle Market, $19 each, special going on now!

Advice for Brides-to-be from Estylo Jewelry: Timing is Crucial. I work with brides every day, from the one that is planning two years in advance to the one that is looking for her jewelry the week of the wedding. My advice is plan accordingly; not too soon and not too late. I’ve seen several brides look for their jewelry or their bridesmaids’ jewelry and buy it – but then change the color or theme of their weddings, and then they see themselves having to buy all over again. On the other hand, last minute brides are limited to shops that can deliver in such a short notice and if something happens to the jewelry during shipping they don’t have time to get a replacement. Also sometimes the mail gets delayed, or lost, etc. and they don’t get their jewelry in time. I usually recommend that brides order at least six weeks in advance if buying locally and at least three months if buying internationally. I love working with brides and feel honored to be somehow part of such an important day of so many people. If you’re looking for something customized for your special day, just contact me! – Sandra, Estylo Jewelry


Custom, Swarovski Bridesmaids Necklaces from Estylo Jewelry, $42 each

Etsy Wedding Artists

Our Etsy Wedding Artists are talented artists selling their amazing goods on Etsy. They are actually some of the best of the best that Etsy has to offer, so make sure to check them out! Although we call them “wedding artists”, most of them sell many different types of items. This group is incredibly creative, they are easy to work with, they love custom orders and they can’t wait to help you create something unique for your special event. We love promoting small businesses, especially these artists because as you know we love and respect the handmade.

Are you an Etsy artisan (that sells wedding goods) who’d like to have a listing in our special EWA Gallery? If so, you can apply here. Thanks for being interested!

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