April 30, 2015

When I was presented the opportunity to be the “featured blogger” at a brand new exclusive bridal show called Your Wedding Experience, presented by (my absolute favorite) David Tutera – I had a major fan girl moment and screamed yes! As I’m sure that many of you reading are huge fans, I am as well and I’m always excited to see that latest fabulous things he’s up to.

Part of being a featured blogger for this event means that I will be attending the Atlanta, GA show in person on June 14th and will be sharing one of my all time favorite DIY’s ever with all the attendees! Can you guess what it is? It’s nail polish! That’s right, everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to make their very own, custom shade of nail polish to hopefully wear on their wedding day; or the wedding day that they are planning for, ie. mother of the bride or bridesmaid. It’s going to be absolutely amazing and you must stop by! I’ll also gladly be answering any DIY wedding questions you have!

Interview with David Tutera

Another perk is that I’ve had the pleasure of writing a few wedding articles for the YWE website and I was able to personally interview David! When I immediately thought about having the chance to interview him and share his responses here on the blog, what I wanted to ask him was nothing about weddings – lol. I’ve watched almost every show he’s hosted and I follow him on every social media platform, so what do I want to know about him? The silly, human, unspoken, touching little things that you don’t normally get to see or hear and so I thought maybe you would like to know the same! Without further ado, I’m thrilled to be able to share this awesome interview between Something Turquoise and David Tutera…

David… We’d Love To Know…

  1. Pinterest has become life changing for brides during wedding planning and I’m sure that you enjoy using it for many different reasons just like we do. Many brides are actually using “secret boards” to help plan special wedding details they don’t want anyone to see until their big day. So, do you have any secret Pinterest boards and can you share one of them with us and how you use it? No… my ‘secret boards’ only exist in my head and have been around long before Pinterest ever existed!
  2. What is your favorite beverage to order at Starbucks? Venti Iced Quad Cappuccino
  3. You have some killer ink. What was the last tattoo you got? Cielo’s footprints from when she was first born.
  4. What is your honest opinion of mason jars? Love or hate? I love them. They are easy, fun and inexpensive.
  5. If you had to eat the same meal everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?Thanksgiving dinner (with all the fixin’s of course)
  6. You now have an impressive 10+ product lines that span from chic craft supplies to the most recent mens wedding fashion; what has been your favorite to design so far? All of them! It’s been such a privilege to share designs with my fans that have a great look and an unbelievable price point. Selfishly, my men’s collection is exciting because I can wear it.
  7. We have seen you sporting some amazing fashion, from bold blazers to outrageous prints and pretty much every color under the sun… but what is your absolute favorite color to wear? I love wearing the color blue.
  8. What was the last song or album you remember listening to? Sam Smith.
  9. Your hair always looks extra fab. Aside from having an amazing hair dresser, what styling products do you use to keep it looking perfect? I use a molding clay. It keeps the wild hair tamed.
  10. When you are away from your significant other; do you sleep in the middle of the bed or on one side? One side.
  11. For bloggers social media is king. For business owners and celebrities like yourself, social media has become an invaluable tool to help you connect with customers and fans. What is your current favorite social media platform to use for business and personal? Are they the same or different? I would say Facebook, which is the same account for my business and personal. I like it because I get real time feedback from my fans who are not shy when it comes to sharing their opinions about the things I do or say and I love that.
  12. What is your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles and New York? I eat out so much, that I don’t have just one favorite, but Ceilo has a favorite restaurant that I like taking her to–it’s Amici in Brentwood, CA.
  13. Do you have any fun, sweet or silly nicknames for Cielo? No, I like calling her Cielo.
  14. It’s clear that you take good care of yourself and by clear I mean you’re smokin’ hot. What do you do to keep in great shape? Well thank you! I take spinning three times a week, I do boxing and I have a personal trainer.
  15. If you weren’t a wedding planner extraordinaire, what other profession would you have been drawn to? An interior decorator.
  16. Are you a chocolate lover or do you crave something tart? Chocolate Lover. What is your favorite candy? Gummy worms.
  17. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Aside from quality time with my daughter… I brush my teeth, get dressed and then off to the gym.
  18. Where is your ultimate vacation location? Tuscany.
  19. What is the one holiday that you couldn’t live without and the one that you could? I could live without New Years Eve and I love Christmas.
  20. Do you remember a definitive big break? Was there a game-changing point in your career that you’re always appreciative of? Of course. My big break was getting a call from the Royal family’s Prince Charles, to plan an event for him and also being asked to work the Grammy party all in the same month. A game changing point that I will always be appreciative of was when I worked with the Make a Wish Foundation, to do a wedding for a terminally ill young lady who passed away just one week later. It brought me such joy to be a part of that and the responsibility was truly humbling.
  21. When you reach for your favorite adult beverage… is it a cocktail? Wine? Beer? Whiskey, on the rocks.
  22. What is your favorite meal to cook for your loved ones? Italian food.
  23. When you get super stressed out, what helps you calm down or relax? Going to the gym, boxing and being healthy.
  24. Do you have any “wedding” plans for Cielo yet? Totally not rushing you, but OMG – can you say luckiest girl on the planet?? I cannot wait for the day that I can experience my daughter’s wedding through her eyes and as her father. It will truly be magical and so special.
  25. Last but not least… out of all the amazing ideas buzzing around in your head, what inspired you to create Your Wedding Experience? I’m always trying to find new and exciting ways that I can personally be involved in helping couples plan their wedding. Not everyone is able to hire me as their planner, so I’m always looking for the next best thing and that was definitely a big part of what inspired me to create Your Wedding Experiences presented by David Tutera. This isn’t something I am just creating, but I am actually hosting it as well, allowing couples to touch, feel and experience all of the trend forward ideas and inspiration that I have personally come up with alongside their city’s local vendors to help get their wedding planning off to a great start!

Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera

The show is debuting in Atlanta on June 14th, Houston on August 9th and Philadelphia on September 13th with more dates and cities in the works, so definitely stay tuned! Tickets and show information are currently available at www.YourWeddingExperience.com/wedding-shows. Hope to see you there! -David Tutera


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