5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder April 23, 2015

5 Awesome Tips on Shopping for Bridal Lingerie with Dominique Intimates

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When you finally find that perfect, dream wedding dress – that’s when the real work begins! From there you’ll need to find shoes, a veil, jewelry, bridesmaid dresses, men’s attire, flowers… and everything else right? One little element that is often overlooked or saved until the last week or so before the wedding is bridal lingerie. I’m not talking about that sexy little something for your wedding night, I mean the underthings you will wear beneath that amazing dress.

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie

There is definitely a method to the madness that can be finding the correct undergarments for your wedding day attire and so I was thrilled to partner with Dominique Intimates, one of my favorite luxury lingerie brands to bring you these 5 Awesome Tips on Shopping for Bridal Lingerie. These tips will come in helpful for all brides at any stage in the game, no matter if you are wearing a sheath or a ball gown, or if your wedding is in two years or two weeks. So make sure to pin for later if you need to and or share with a friend. Also, don’t forget your bridesmaids. Share these tips and encourage them to find special pieces that make them feel sexy and comfortable too, it’s a long day and all involved should feel their best!

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie #1

Tip #1: Consult Your Stylist

Let’s start from the beginning. There you are, standing on a pedestal in the bridal salon with your best friends and your mom – beaming from head to toe because you found the perfect wedding dress. It’s gorgeous, he’ll love it and the price is right. It’s what every girl dreams of. Ok, now back to business – look at yourself, how do you feel? Do you need a bra? Can you wear underwear or will it show through? Did they have you try on the dress with a shaper of any kind? Does the dress already have a corset? What will make you look and feel your best? All of these questions need to be asked and answered while you can feel the dress against your skin. You also need to ask the advice of your stylist on what pieces she recommends for the dress style and your body type. If wearing a ball gown obviously shapers aren’t necessary and you can even wear colored undergarments. But if wearing a slightly sheer gown or a plunging neckline, your undergarments will be a bit more tricky. If you can discuss your underpinnings with your stylist right away or while you are still in the dress it will give you all the information you’ll need to move forward from day one.

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie #2

Tip #2: Choose Comfort

Since we aren’t talking about your wedding night lingerie and we are talking about what you will wear on your wedding day – you need to choose comfort. When you are truly comfortable it will show on your face. A typical wedding day is 12+ hours with lots of standing, walking, and dancing so you need undergarments that fit. You don’t need something slipping, poking or suffocating you. Luckily, Dominique Intimates offers many bridal options where you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, as you can see here all their designs are gorgeous and they are made to make you feel gorgeous. (I actually have a few of the Dominique bras and comfort is what I love best about them; especially of the sports bra!) Just like you knew your wedding dress was the one when you tried it on, so will be the case for your wedding lingerie – which is why it can’t be saved until the last moment.

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie #3

Tip #3: Try On With Your Dress

An absolute must. The best case scenario would be to take your undergarments with you to one of your dress fittings, this way the seamstress will know exactly what she has to work. Any undergarment worn will add a very specific thickness to your dress and so should be heavily considered when planning alterations. Since you already discussed your options with your stylist, you will be ahead of the game when it comes to this point. If you are unsure, you can always purchase multiple items and return the ones that don’t work after your fitting. Your wedding day attire as an ensemble should fit you like a glove and feel like a second skin – only better.

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie #4

Tip #4: Have It Altered

I know, it might sound a little crazy but if you aren’t completely comfortable in your wedding lingerie – have it altered. It will usually cost less than $50 to have a little something cut here or tucked there and since we are all beautifully different, this little extra attention to detail will make you feel like a queen. Most of the time your seamstress can do both your dress and your undergarments at the same time. When your wedding day arrives you will be so glad you did this!

5 Awesome Tips On Shopping For Bridal Lingerie #5

Tip #5: Watch The Scale

Any weight loss or gain can effect the way your garments fit, resulting in the way your dress fits. From having a bustier that is a little loose to having a shaper that is a little too tight, both can be incredibly uncomfortable. If you do have any extreme loss or gain after your last fitting you really should inform your seamstress asap. If everything fits you perfectly you will feel perfect. Catch our theme? Comfort. Your wedding is going to be a wonderfully long day that sadly goes by in a flash, but the absolute last thing that you need to be worrying about is not feeling your best!

Dominique Intimates is dedicated to creating luxurious foundations that look and feel as if they were made-to-measure. Each piece is carefully crafted under the watchful eyes of an expert production team with over 60 years experience. Each hand-sewn stitch is made with the intention of helping modern women feel more comfortable, more beautiful and more like themselves. From everyday basics to bridal and special occasion – Dominique Intimates are designed in an ever-expanding size range to provide the perfect fit for every woman. You can purchase their gorgeous designs from most of the popular online retailers and various well known department stores.

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