Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 10, 2015

Beyond the Kitchen with Boscov’s Wedding Registry

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As women building a wedding registry we are quick to hit all the kitchen, dining and decor items first simply because they are the most fun! But whether you’re setting up a brand new home or settling into married life in the one you already have, don’t forget to register for items for the WHOLE house — not just the kitchen and dining areas. Your wedding is one of the only times in your life when you’ll have such a large group of people clamoring to buy you nice gifts for your home. Take advantage and make sure you register for items for your entire house that you’ll want and need for years to come. When you add smaller or more diverse items to your registry it gives your guests more options to buy you something they connect with; whether it’s a necessity like a vacuum or a nicety like a vase. Boscov’s was kind enough to send over their tips on building your registry, beyond the kitchen. From bedding to luggage, these pointers can help you before you register or even after!


Bedding Tips:

How many rooms do you have? You’ll need 3 sets of sheets per room; one for on the bed, one for in the laundry basket and one clean set ready to go. You can get different colors and patterns of sheets that all coordinate back to your comforter or bedspread, to keep your look fresh and fun each time you switch. When choosing a comforter, take into consideration how hot of sleepers you and your fiancé are and where you live; many brands have ratings on the warmness of their comforters which will make huge difference in your sleeping comfort. While you’re registering, don’t forget other bedroom essentials too like mattress pads, pillows, heating blankets and even robes!

Bath Tips:

If you are unsure about color, white or cream is always a good choice for a bathroom. A complete set of towels includes 6-8 of a combination of bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. You’ll need one full set per bathroom, but don’t be shy – you can always ask for more. That way you’ll never run out of matching towels and your guests won’t have to wipe their hands on beach towels. To complete your bath, don’t forget about registering for bath rugs, shower curtains, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, toothbrush holders, tissue holders, wastebasket, scales and laundry hampers. Those items can add up quickly but are great small things that your guests will love to snag off your list.

Vacuum Tips:

Everyone needs a vacuum and they aren’t the most exciting item to buy. However, when you have a good one that just sucks up all that dirt in a flash, it can make you pretty happy. You’ll need to choose between canister or upright, and models that have a bag or are bagless. Models with bags are best for people who have respiratory issues and most are hypoallergenic, but you always have to buy them. Bagless are great because they are quick and easy but can be messy and dusty at times. Some things to consider when choosing the right model for you is your lifestyle and living location, do you have carpet or hardwood, do you have pets, do you have stairs; all of those items will help narrow down your choices. Carpet steamers also fall into this category and are great to have for easy spot cleaning or complete carpet cleaning.

Luggage Tips:

Luggage is often a forgotten item when it comes to your registry. Plan for your honeymoon and beyond. Build a matching or coordinating collection as a couple, including carry-ons for each of you in addition to larger bags you can check. Boscov’s has styles and price points to fit both your lifestyle and your budget. From fabric to hard cover, from spinners to rollers… it’s all about what you like and how you like to travel. Don’t forget the Mr & Mrs luggage tags!

One more, and be kind and let your fiancé add a few “guy” things to your registry as well… gotta keep him happy!

Wedding Registry Tips (beyond the kitchen) from Boscov's

Item’s featured: Christy Supreme White Robe // Laura Ashley Ainsley Bedding Collection // Hoover Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum // Croscill Portland Bath Collection // Bride and Groom Towel Set // Luggage

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