Something Turquoise is moving!!!
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder February 28, 2015

We’re Moving!!!

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Hello there fabulous ST reader… I’m so glad you’ve made it here today as I have an awesome announcement!!! After living in a quaint little 1 bedroom apartment for 8 years, working our tails off and putting everything we have into our businesses – me and the hubs are finally moving on up! Our new place is only about 15 minutes down the road, but a very important 15 minutes as it makes us just steps from the sand and if you lean off our new deck a little, you can see a sliver of the ocean! That’s my heaven on earth. But wait, there’s more! (said like an infomercial). We each get our own office, and the deal is we get to do/build/design whatever we want in our own space. We are both visual, creative people that thrive off our environment so this is going to make our daily work life so much more inspiring. So I emailed my gals over at Martha Stewart, and told them about my dream craft room + blog office ideas and they offered to help me build it!!! EEEeeeee…. – squealing like a high schooler over One Direction. Every time I think about it my stomach gets butterflies!

Something Turquoise is moving!

—> Killer “moving card” designed by the talented Diva Gone Domestic.

As I type I’m surrounded by boxes and memories that are getting packed and moved to a new place that is filled with excitement and unparalleled opportunity for both of us – and it’s all very surreal. Can this be my real life? This is my ultimate dream coming true before my very eyes and it’s so hard to fully comprehend. You work, dream, build, cry, work, dream and work some more and I guess all I can say is that when you truly follow your heart, amazing things can happen. My dreams are what get me out of bed in the morning so for me the hardest part about having a dream come true is that I need to have another one waiting to take it’s place, and honestly I’m plum tapped out. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy for being able to write this blog and share my creative spirit with you everyday. I’m beyond blessed and you are major part of that blessing, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this pleasure.

I’ve got great stuff in store to include you in on my celebration and I can’t wait to share! To stay sane I’m taking a week off from blogging to settle in, unpack and get my toes in that sand. We’ll be back to our regular posting schedule on Monday, March 9th and from now on check out my Instagram for small little updates on how my special room is coming together! Xoxo, Jen


We are happy to announce that Tiffany N was the lucky winner of our Pink Slip Inspiration “reversible ring bearer sign” giveaway from last weekend! Congrats and happy wedding planning!!!

Reversible Ring Bearer Sign

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