Lovely Lace Wedding Details
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder February 19, 2015

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lace |lās| noun. a fine open fabric, typically one of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns and used esp. for trimming garments: her wedding dress was adorned with the most beautiful handmade lace.

Lace is the quintessential wedding trimming, so today we are sharing how you can incorporate it into your wedding day and make it feel modern + fresh! There are many beautiful modern lace designs out there to choose from but if using a vintage lace, make sure to wash it! A little soap and water goes a long way, it will bring it back to life and you can lay it flat to dry. Which lace idea below is your favorite and what will fit your unique event?

Lovely Lace Wedding Details

Image Credits:

  1. Wedding Rings Shot on Lace. Sarah Tew Photography via Something Turquoise. Purchase a beautiful piece of lace for your photographer to shoot your wedding rings on!
  2. Wedding Dress Keepsake Necklace. DIY tutorial from Something Turquoise. Save your most special pieces of material in this adorable DIY keepsake necklace; like the lace from your wedding dress!
  3. Lace Table Runners. JoPhoto via Something Turquoise. Lay yards of lace down rectangle tables to create a soft and romantic look that’s both quick and easy.
  4. Lace and Kraft Guest Book. Compass Rose Studio via Etsy sells these lovely custom lace and kraft guest books that would be perfect for a rustic affair.
  5. Lace Wedding Dress. We are obsessed with this vintage inspired lace that covers the Teresa dress from Celia Grace, you have to click over to their website to see it up close, it’s just stunning!
  6. Lace Wedding Shoes. How gorgeous are these Stuart Weitzman bridal heels available on Zappos? Totally obsessing. They also come in gray and black, awesome choices for your bridesmaids!
  7. Lace Globe Decor. Fresh Ivey Photography via Utterly Engaged. The rumor is that you can adhere doilies with spray glue to balloons and then pop them once the glue is dry. We haven’t tried it but it sounds like a fun idea. You can also glue the doilies to large circle lanterns, either way we love this decor idea!
  8. Lace and Satin Wrap-dress. We are swooning over this amazing lace and satin octopus wrap dress from Coralie Beatrix via Etsy. The perfect bridesmaid dress or bridal shower dress for the bride, with so many different colors available!
  9. Lace Painted Terra Cotta Pots. These darling pots from Flowers in December via Etsy would make the most darling favors! You can plant them with succulents or just hand them out with seed packets!
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