Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 04, 2014

DIY Wedding | Josh + Danae

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“I traveled from Las Vegas to Palm Springs to capture Danae and Josh’s wedding. I knew that this wedding was going to be an all time favorite because we had an awesome engagement session at dusk a few month’s prior in Joshua Tree, CA and the couple was so fun and so artistic. Even knowing I was in for a treat, I was still amazed at what I saw when I walked into the lovely venue. I felt silly, but I actually started to tear up. I was so over-come with emotion that day because of the beauty, the thought and the care that these two put into their wedding day. They hand-crafted much of their details, and everything was fitting, simple and perfect for them. Not to mention they are such a awesomely authentic couple and I was sincerely honored they choose me as their photographer.” – McKenzi of Taylored Photo Memories

Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Gorgeous Nicole Miller wedding dress
Handmade stone and sequin wedding sash
Brides getting ready...
The bride handmade custom bouquet charms for each bridesmaid!
Bridesmaid succulent bouquet
Darling bridesmaids!
Turquoise flower girl with succulents
Beautiful succulent bouquets
Gorgeous bridesmaids!
The Beautiful Bride
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Grooms succulent boutonneire
Groomsman style
Darling ring bearer with succulent bout
The guys
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
VIP wedding lounge
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Custom wedding stationary
The bride and her father, who was also the officiant
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Emotional bridesmaid... showing the love
The Wedding Party!
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Where in the world is my seat?
Simple wedding bar
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Handmade wooden wedding favors that double as picture holders
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Unique wedding table numbers; places the bride and groom have been
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Desert wedding portraits
Custom wedding rings with date
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
The first dance
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Rice krispy wedding cake!
Bouquet and garter toss!
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...
Casa Verona wedding in Palm Springs...

What is your favorite wedding day memory?

My favorite wedding day memory was the moment our ceremony ended, partially because I was shaking with nerves and so overjoyed to finally be married, but also because unbeknownst to my wedding party, I had set an acoustic version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” to play. The looks on their faces were absolutely priceless when they suddenly recognized the sweet acoustic song for what it was. They burst into laughter as my new husband and I walked down the aisle together and I felt like that was the first official moment of our “celebration.”

What did you DIY for your wedding?

I DIY-ed a huge portion of my wedding! My husband, my sister and I are all artists and it was “all hands on deck” when it came to the DIY action for the wedding. We went to LA’s fashion district and purchased remnants of fabric which were used on the tables, as well as some beading and ribbon that would become the belt for my dress. My husband and I designed a desert-themed graphic that he engraved on custom-cut wood pieces that served as the name plates and gifts for our guests. My sister created a giant moss-covered J & D complete with market lights to decorate our table. I did not want to number the tables out of paranoia that my guests might feel that I was “ranking them” so instead we named each table a place that my husband and I had traveled to, and my sister designed the signage (as well as the programs and guestbook instructions plaque). We got the boys on board for some DIY-action with extra large balloons attached to spray-painted PVC pipe that served as the ceremony back drop, and we also weighted large balloons in the pool. My husband’s family handmade all our gluten-free carrot cake treats, and my aunt created an amazing arrangement of rice crispy treats. I loved every element that we created, but my favorite DIY creations were the bouquet charms that I made in secret for my bridesmaids. I love each of my friends dearly and wanted to create something that celebrated where they came from so I solicited the help of their families to get a photo of each bridesmaids’ parents on the day of their wedding. I then sealed the photos into charms that my husband helped me engrave and tied them with leather straps to go on their bouquets!

Something old, new, borrowed and blue?

For something “old” I wore a pair of real pearl earrings that belong to my grandmother. For something “new” we just counted my dress (the dress has to count for something after that search, right!?). For something “borrowed” I wore the same garter that my grandmother originally sewed for my mother. And there was no shortage of “blue” between the garter, my Tiffany-blue suede heels, and my blue sapphire engagement ring. I’m not big on traditions but my ladies made sure I was covered!

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

My biggest piece of advice to all brides is to hire people you trust and then let them do their job! Lots of people asked me why I was such a calm bride, and my answer was simple: I hired people who are good at what they do, so that I could be present for what mattered on my wedding day. What’s more tragic, an imperfection in a floral arrangement/schedule/food, or missing a special moment on your big day because you were doing someone else’s job? In the words of Disney’s Frozen, “Let it Go!”

My next biggest piece of advice is to step way from Pinterest. It can be a fantastic place to get ideas, but it’s dangerous to look at pages and pages worth of perfect pictures that can leave you feeling like your wedding will never “stack up.” Your Pinterest board can become this Mega-Wedding that is all but impossible unless you have Kim Kardashian’s budget and Santa’s elves. Step back, remember what the day is really about. When, and only when you have the major planning out of the way, add DIY crafts that are a fun way for you to relax, but that you could do without if you run out of steam/money/energy.

“That would have been a great wedding if there had been doily-wrapped candles” -said no one, ever. – Danae, the Bride

Event Credits

Photography: Taylored Photo Memories // Venue: Casa Verona, Palm Springs CA // Wedding Planner: Panache Events // Florist: The Arrangement Gallery // Catering: Rasta Taco // Officiant: Will Wilson (Brides Father) // Dress: Nicole Miller 'Dakota' Faille Trumpet Dress, purchased on Ebay! // Shoes: Moda Spana // Hair: Salon 119 // Bridesmaids: Nicole Miller // Men's Attire: Cosani Collezioni from Hollywood Suits // Invitations, Stationary, and Table Numbers: designed by brides sister Ariel Wilson // Favors: designed by the groom Josh Fisher

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