20 Free and Awesome Fonts for Weddings!
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder July 29, 2014

20 Free & Awesome Fonts for Weddings

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We love fonts… especially FREE and awesome fonts! All these beauties below are totally free to download and use for your personal wedding projects. From wedding invitations to seating cards, with these fab fonts you can easily personalize stationary for your special day. We are sharing 10 girly, scripty fonts and 10 more masculine, modern fonts… enjoy!

20 Free and Awesome Fonts for Weddings!

Free Font Credits

Notera: DaFont // Nexa Light: Font Squirrel // Channel: DaFont // Mensch: Lost Type // Clicker Script: Fonts Addict // Champagne & Limousines: DaFont // Parisienne: Font Space // Vevey: Lost Type // Castro Script: Font Space // Eccentric STD: Font Zone // Savoye Let: Font Palace // Quaver: Lost Type // Lavanderia: Lost Type // Bodini Svty Two: Fonts Geek // Little Days: DaFont // TeX Grye Adventor: Font Squirrel // Wisdom Script: Lost Type // Print Clearly: Font Squirrel // Learning Curve: DaFont // Futura Lt Bt: Fonts Geek

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