Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder July 01, 2014

DIY Wedding | Aaron + Betsy

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“Betsy & Aaron had a relaxed, boho beach wedding at the charming Postcard Inn on St.Pete Beach in FL. Betsy DIY-ed all of the details because they wanted the wedding to be very “them” – she and Aaron even made the homemade BBQ they sent their guests home with as favors!” – Catherine Ann Photography

What is your favorite wedding day memory?

One of my favorite memories of my wedding was hearing our dogs bark and take part of our celebration with us after being introduced as husband and wife. Our dogs are our children and our photographer captured that perfectly, one of the reasons why we picked her was for her love of dogs!

My bridesmaids got to pick their style dress and shade, I just gave them a swatch and let them do the rest. The boys had a simple white button up and tan pants … my only rule for all of them were NO SHOES! As we all got ready that day I couldn’t help but cry, laugh, have extreme anxiety and feeling so special.. the feeling of getting ready for the “best day ever” is like no other. At one point I looked at my photographer with tears in my eyes, vodka in my hand and my hair half curled and asked, “is this normal?!?!” She replied with a smile and said “Yes!!”… She was more than perfect the day of and I tell everyone that if her and I were to meet somewhere else in life we would be great friends.

What did you DIY for your wedding?

So many things from our wedding were “diy” – all of our centerpieces, the candles were burnt for days before the wedding and the invitations that took hours. IKEA everything and spray paint were everything to my mom and I as we got ready for the big day. All of our signs and decor we made in PA and brought down in a trailer along with my wedding dress. Our signs were made out of pallets and recycled wood from my dads projects. My husband made the BBQ sauce used as our favors for everyone! And since the florist was no longer with us, our bouquets were done that morning (as we drank a bloody marys)!

If only everything about a wedding was as easy as picking out a dress. I went to a very small boutique in Buffalo NY (2 hours from where I live) to find my dress. I wanted no pressure from anyone I may see that I know, living in a small area will do that to you. I only tried on five dresses and knew instantly my dress would be a simple lace sweetheart gown that I wish I could wear daily. It was so comfortable and perfect … Victorias Bridal Shop was the best experience!

Something old, new, borrowed and blue?

Under my dress my Grandma sewed a piece of my moms dress in the shape of a heart with blue thread… so simple and perfect. I loved the fact that three generations touched my dress. I wore a sapphire ring my dad gave to my mom the night before their wedding and Aaron (my husband) got me an ankle bracelet I wore for my something new. Aaron’s mom recently passed away and before the wedding we went to a place that we could make charms. My mom and I made quarter sized charms with a picture of Karen (his mother) and gave them to the guys on the morning of the wedding. The pictures of them opening those boxes will forever be so special to me.

Any advice for brides currently in the planning process?

My advice to upcoming brides is breathe deep, drink wine and take time to step back and remember at the end of the day, no matter what you get to marry your best friend. I wish I could get married every weekend and feel the way I felt when I stepped into the sand with my dad on my arm and my soon to-be-husband in front of me. – Betsy, the bride

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