May 14, 2014

“Jilia and Greg love to travel. Their idea of traveling is backpacking across Europe and Asia while staying in hostels and “roughing it”. Interestingly enough they are both joining The Peace Corps together and are active in hoping to work in orphanages where needed. I fell in love with this couple from the moment we met and they are simply amazing people! I decided to do a little extra work for their engagement session and I arranged to have an airplane available for us to use as part of their travel themed shoot. This was a two part session; first we were in a small but gorgeous park right next to the airport; second was actually on the tarmac with the awesome plane you’ll see below. From start to finish we all three clicked flawlessly and walked away with some truly organic and emotional images. I love how versatile Jilia and Greg were and I think that it really comes across in the images. Enjoy!!!” – Marc Edwards Photographs

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“My brother actually got married three weeks before us (crazy, right?!), and he was the one who found Marc at a wedding expo. After checking out his website and hearing great things about him from my brother, Greg and I decided to meet with him. After the first 15 minutes of talking with him we knew we had to have him shoot our wedding. If his pictures didn’t speak enough for him, his personality is what sealed the deal. He was such a cool and funny guy that during the entire process of working with him, he became not just our photographer, but a good friend who we still keep in contact with. 


..Most of the decorations for our wedding were DIY. Unfortunately, I am not the most creative bride! I have my mother, maid-of-honor, and her mother to thank for the awesome decorations. Our wedding, like our engagement photographs, was travel/wander-lust themed. My husband and I are going to the Peace Corps in June, and have a real passion for traveling! He proposed to me on a backpacking trip through China, and our relationship has really been all about our passion for exploring and seeing new places so we wanted our wedding to fit that theme. Maps were a prevalent decoration at our wedding. We had Mr. & Mrs. signs at our head table that were printed on map backgrounds. We also had a huge map that said “It doesn’t matter where you go, It’s who is beside you” – and all of our wedding guests signed the map and wrote little notes to us. We also had an instagram tag for our wedding for our guests to post pictures and use the hashtag (#gregoryandjiliawedding). My mother and friends helped us decorate the venue using our love of travel as an inspiration, and I think they also got a little bit of help from Pinterest! 


..I would say what I was looking forward to the most (our wedding was May 2013) was being surrounded by my friends and family. It will definitely be the last time before my husband and I leave the country for 27 months for the Peace Corps that we will see all of these people in the same place at the same time! I would say the best part about our wedding was the dancing. There was never a moment where the dance floor was not packed. My friends and family said they had never seen so many people enjoying themselves and just having a great time dancing and partying. Not to brag (haha), but countless people said it was the most fun wedding they have ever been to :) !!  I  would say that was what I was looking forward to the most though, was finally not being stressed with wedding plans and just being able to %100 enjoy myself with the love of my life and all of the people who are important to us!” – Jilia, the bride


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