May 13, 2014

“I LOVE when my couples come up with awesome ideas for their engagement session just like Kristen & Noah did. They wanted a rustic and vintage style shoot but most importantly, they wanted to finish their session in a river. It’s not easy to find river in beautiful San Diego but many days of research, we found the perfect creek in Elfin Forest. At the end we all got wet but it was totally worth it.” – Aga Jones Photography

SomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0001.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0002.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0003.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0004.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0005.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0006.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0007.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0008.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0009.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0010.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0011.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0012.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0013.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0014.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0015.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0017.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0016.jpgSomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0019 SomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0021 SomethingTurquoise_Engagement-Week-Aga-Jones-Photography_0022ST_how_did_you_find_your_photographer_

“I actually found Aga Jones on the Her profile was the FIRST one I clicked on and I instantly fell in love! I looked around at about 50 other photographers, just to do my due diligence… but nothing compared to how captivated I was by Aga’s photos!


..We are DIY-ing just about everything! From flower girl dresses that my childhood nanny will be making, inspired by Tutu Du Monde, to the mixed metal centerpieces, to the custom photo-booth! My bridal party and I plan to do it all. My goal is to create a very fun garden-esque environment. We will be creating a candy bar for our favors and lawn games (croquet, giant jenga, bag toss) to keep guests entertained. With 6 months to go we definitely have our work cut out for ourselves, but I couldn’t be more excited! 


..Out of the whole process I’m really excited to see the end result! Some pieces have already started to come together and it’s very rewarding. I’m also anxious to see my handsome fiancĂ© waiting for me at the alter and trying to stop my makeup from running when I do, which will be a difficult task I am sure!” – Kristen, the bride-to-be