May 01, 2014

In honor of May Day… we are sharing this stunning Bouquet Blueprint that is delightfully blue! Blue has always been a very popular wedding color. It’s timeless and a perfect option that’s not overwhelmingly girly. There are limited flowers that naturally come in the blue shades however the ones shown in this bouquet are simply gorgeous and completely natural – no dying or spray painting (yuck!). If you’ve been dreaming of a ‘something blue‘ wedding bouquet… this bunch is for you! 


AVAILABILITY // Most of these flowers can be purchased year round. The hybrid delphinium is more of a spring and summer flower however it’s smaller counterpart (Delphinium) can be purchased year round and comes in very similar shades. 


RECIPE // 1 bunch light blue delphinium, 11 stems of thistle, 3 light blue hydrangea, 2 stems of black berries, 3 stems dark blue hybrid delphinium cut into smaller pieces, 1 bouquet holder and some blue ribbon


CARE // This bouquet is in a bouquet holder which provides a much needed water source. By designing the bouquet this way it allows for these very delicate flowers to be held and photographed throughout the day with very little damage and wilting! Since we are also able to cut the stems shorter and into various pieces we can create a more classic round bouquet from these very linear flowers. 


BOUTONNIERES // This bouquet is overflowing with textures! These boutonnieres had to have a similar feel without being too busy. Thistle makes a perfect boutonniere since it has a very masculine feel and holds up wonderful out of water. Delphinium can be tricky when used out of water, however if you make sure the blooms are well hydrated prior to use and keep them in the cooler until they are ready to use, you’ll be just fine. As with all boutonnieres, the more they are handled the more damaged they can become.  


Amazing Photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // Gorgeous Florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // Styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise


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