Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder April 30, 2014

Real Wedding | Scott + Chaille

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“Chaille married Scott down South, and even though I photograph destination weddings, it was my first time photographing a wedding in Tennessee. The wedding venue, Heartwood Hall, was so unique. Chaille looked beautiful. There was gorgeous light for pictures all day and when the wedding ceremony started at 4:30pm, two seconds before the bride came down the aisle, it started to rain. It was obviously too late to stop things and take it inside – we had to keep going forward. The flower girls had walked down the aisle, the bridal party… everything was all set and ready. Chaille took four steps down the aisle, and says: “Sorry it’s raining, y’all” and made us laugh.” – Christopher Duggan Photography


“There are so many to choose from! The cake cutting, riding on the back of a golf cart in my wedding dress with my best friend and matron of honor, two of my favorite people catching the bouquet and garter… are all top moments for me. However, I will say that my favorite wedding day memory is the ceremony. It was an outside ceremony in the garden of the grounds and it was a beautiful fall day. I specifically remember while we were taking pictures about thirty minutes before the ceremony one of my bridesmaids said to me, “You couldn’t ask for more perfect weather! The sun and the temperature, it’s all perfect.”  We all went back into the main house to finish touching up and getting ready for the ceremony to begin and even when we walked back outside it was still beautiful. Then, right as my husband was walking my fraternal grandmother down the aisle, it starting sprinkling! Out of nowhere, not a heavy rain but misting enough for you to know it was there. It sprinkled throughout the entire ceremony and I remember looking over at everyone with wet hair and beads of water on their surprisingly smiling faces. I felt so terrible that everyone was sitting in the rain. When the ceremony was over – it stopped – as soon as Scott and I walked out of the garden. One of my best friends walked out and told me that there was no one else she would so joyfully stand through the rain for and I will always remember how that made me feel – so surrounded by love. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think that “rain” was my dad. Just enough “mist” for us to know he was there but not enough rain to ruin the ceremony. Scott and I had always joked that my dad was going to sob through our entire wedding ceremony and have trouble “giving me away”, so it was the perfect symbol that he was, after all, there with me. 


..I’m not the best DIY-er, but I wanted the handmade look – so did a lot of “Etsying” for the wedding! I love Etsy more than anything and think it is a brides paradise! I found my calligrapher, KoiKalligraphia (who I highly, highly recommend) on Etsy – she did my invitations and rehearsal dinner name cards – and almost all of the signage you see on the tables and at the ceremony through various vendors on Etsy. The “C” and “S” on the cake table, as well as the “B” on the guest book table were all made by my rock star Matron of Honor, Abby Smith. I think DIY projects can be such a great way to approach wedding decor, not only is it usually cheaper, but it adds more of a personal touch. 


..I did!  I didn’t put a lot of effort into finding these four items, but they were all things that sort of just fell into my lap but they ended up being some of the most precious parts of my wedding. 

Something old –  I had my Christening bible that my mom gave me a few weeks before the wedding. It was given to me by close family friends when I was a baby and it is so sweet and delicate.  

Something new – My husband gave me diamond earrings for my wedding present! I had no clue that was what he was really getting me. He gave them to me a few days before the wedding so that I could have them for the wedding day. He is the most thoughtful and kind hearted person in the world. I wore them all day Saturday and cherish them so much!

Something borrowed – My mom let me “borrow” the bonnet I wore during my baptism as a handkerchief during the wedding ceremony.  It counts as borrowing because she wanted it back after the wedding … I think it was too precious for her to give away!

Something blue – My something blue is especially important to me. I had a small piece of one of my dads blue office shirts (cut into the shape of a heart) sewn into the inside of my dress. I wanted him to be as much a part of my wedding day as possible and although he wasn’t able to walk me down the aisle, it was important to me to have a piece of him with me. 


..Simply – to stay in control. Stay in control of your budget, your to do list, and of what you really want. The worst thing in the world would be to spend a bunch of money on something that isn’t your own. Listen to feedback from your loved ones but don’t let anyone make decisions for you. Who cares if no one else likes your pink wedding dress? As long as you love it – that’s all that matters. Other than that – plan a laid back honeymoon and catch up on all of those calories you cut fitting into your wedding dress with great food and expensive wine!” – Chaille, the bride

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