Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder April 23, 2014

DIY Beach Wedding | Darin + Kirsta

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“It’s not often that a photographer from Ohio has the opportunity to photograph a beach wedding, so I was thrilled to be a part of Kirsta and Darin’s gorgeous waterside ceremony and reception in Huron, Ohio. Aside from the beautiful location where their special day took place, I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of people to work with. From the very start, the couple and their families were so easygoing and hospitable. They even invited me to stay for an amazing filet mignon dinner at their home after our engagement session! The wedding day was no different, we felt like a part of the family. And, of course, their DIY decor was lovely and perfectly reflected the fun-loving nature of Kirsta and Darin.” – Kristen Nicole Photography


“It’s hard to pick just one, because it was an amazingly perfect day! But my top three moments are:  1. Seeing my husband and the ceremony set up for the first time when I turned the corner of the sidewalk onto the beach. Our guests had perfectly set up a human barrier so that I couldn’t see anything until I was down to the “aisle”. It was an unplanned perfect thing that happened!  2. My husband and I were really emotional at the start of the ceremony. We have had a mustache joke for a couple of years, so I put mustaches on the finger of myself and all of my bridesmaids as a way to take some funny pics through the day. We were both on the verge of crying right when I got down the aisle, so I put my mustache to my face and we both started cracking up (including my Pastor!). It was a great break to our emotions and allowed us to relax and enjoy the ceremony. There are a few pics that captured that moment too (although only we knew what was going on). 3. At the end of the night, we had a fireworks show on the beach. My hubby and I went out to the beach to sit and watch away from everyone. We had a chance to sit back and enjoy the event from afar and look at everyone having a fantastic time. It was a great one on one moment that allowed us to appreciate the night/day and I am so glad we had that moment!


..Yes, we did a LOT of DIY! Mostly everything was a DIY, and we are so happy we spent the time on this. It made the event so much more personal, and we had all of our family and friends helping out. This made it more special as well, sharing the jobs of the day with everyone we love. They were champs and did so much to help us get things done and to make it beautiful and unique!


..Enjoy it! I was really stressed in the beginning, and really didn’t want to do the “work”.  I wanted to just plan a destination wedding and have a planner do everything in the beginning. But after I actually got into the process, I absolutely loved making this event our own and special to us. I am so glad we did things the way we did, and that we didn’t do a destination. I loved having our family and friends there to celebrate, and I had such a great time doing it all. If I could go back, I would have relaxed and enjoyed it from the very beginning instead of after a few months in, because the time goes so quickly!” – Kirsta, the bride


photography: Kristen Nicole Photography // venue: Old Homestead Beach // dress: Robin Jillian // bridesmaids: Mori Lee // hair: Angels Hair Salon // makeup: Lindsay Oliveria // mens attire: Macy’s // invitations: Marilyn Windau // flowers: DIY purchased from Sam’s Club // caterer: Mesenburg’s Creative Catering // cake/bakery: Pink Moon Bakery // lighting and rentals: Witt’s Tent // music: The Going (Live Band) and Joe Steager (ceremony)

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