April 01, 2014

“Abigail is one of those people that cares so much about other people, but never expects it in return. Because of that, her bridesmaids wanted to throw her the perfect shower. Being one of her bridesmaids myself I helped plan, excite, and enjoy this special day for Abby. All of us girls were on a budget so we needed to be very cost aware, but we still wanted to throw a good shower. We delegated obligations, took over her mom’s house, and only had a few minor panics. Since Abby and her soon-to-be husband love to cook together, we decided to have a kitchen themed shower. All of the paper goods had silverware and dishes on them, we gave away hand stamped tea towels for favors, and (my favorite) had everyone write a word of advice on a wooden spoon. Overall the day ended up great, and perfect for our bride to be. There were lots of laughs, hugs, and love towards this wonderful girl that we all cherish. Seeing her be a bit emotional because of all of the love coming her way was an absolute delight for me. My favorite quote of the day? “This is the best shower I’ve ever been to!!” – Spencer Studios


“My favorite things about my bridal shower were seeing the faces of all my beautiful friends, how well everything was coordinated and how thoughtful the kitchen theme was! I absolutely love cooking and my bridesmaids took all of that into consideration…


..All of the decorations, invitations, game cards, food, and favors were DIY-ed by my bridesmaids! They made an adorable flag banner from fabric scraps and ribbon, a fabric floral arrangement of epic proportions, hand-stamped tea towels to give to guests, matching stationary for the invites and thank-you’s PLUS cards to use during game time, pretty paper badges for myself and the winners of each game, and they even made me a fabric bouquet. It was precious and entirely scrapbook-worthy! A perfect way to say bon-voyage right before my destination wedding…


..Our wedding was a planned elopement, so there wasn’t a lot of decoration required but I did DIY my hair piece for our ceremony! It’s now one of my favorite DIY projects. I took my great-grandmother’s old string of pearls and turned it into a hair comb. It’s the sentimental things that meant the most to me at our wedding. In addition to the comb, I broke the flower bouquet tradition and carried a journal. Over the years, we’ve written letters to each other in this journal, and now our vows are kept among them! But the best part of all was simply marrying the man I loved and sharing it in a beautiful, intimate setting!” – Abigail the bride