Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 31, 2014

DIY Wedding | Fletcher + Katrina

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“I feel so lucky to have been able to join Katrina and Fletcher on their wedding day. It was obvious just how much in love they are which makes a wedding more beautiful than any decoration possibly could. However, all of Katrina’s amazing handmade details definitely made a lovely impression! It was just as marvelous watching their families come together decorating, cooking, and making the day perfect for the two of them. I think every photographer wishes they had more couples like this.” – Star Noir Studio


“Fletcher was insistent that we did not see each other at all the day of the wedding, which I was at first skeptical about, but then I completely got on board with. Throughout the day, we’d send our bridesmaids/groomsmen on reconnaissance missions to the main floor of the cabin to check if the coast was clear. When we did the pictures on the mountain with our wedding party, Fletcher and the groomsmen went first, and I came with my bridesmaids once we got word that they were almost finished. But, how do you get two cars to drive past each other on a narrow mountain path without him seeing me in my dress or me seeing him in his handsome suit? I had to duck down in the car as low as I could get, and his clever groomsmen put a handkerchief on his head to block his view. Finally seeing him at the “altar” was completely worth all the sneaking around and the whole day felt like a fun game.


..Oh goodness, where to start! I created the bow ties, pocket squares and clutches, along with painting some of the vases used for decoration (my mom did the rest). Together, Fletcher and I made the jam for favors, including berry picking! Our close friend, the wife of the officiant, did our table arrangements after getting to Gatlinburg. Fletcher’s godmother made the cakes for the wedding (and two cakes for the rehearsal dinner as well!). One of the bridesmaids did all of our wedding stationary. And EVERYONE pitched in and helped with dinner! The entire wedding was a community DIY project. 

Overall, I loved all of our projects and that the day wasn’t just about us. Everyone had a stake in making it a success, just like our marriage. We felt like that’s what a wedding should be – the celebration of the individual communities that have supported you two throughout the years coming together to share in your love for each other. It was so wonderful to know that if I needed anything done, I had an entire household of people to call upon, whether they be my family members, my future in-laws or his best friends. All of our projects created such an atmosphere of overwhelming love and I wouldn’t change a thing.


..My something old was my wedding band – it was Fletcher’s maternal grandmother’s and I am so honored to be wearing it now. I also wore my mother-in-law’s jewelry for the wedding – she let me borrow opal earrings she received from Fletcher’s paternal grandmother and an opal pendant from his maternal grandmother. The chain I used for the necklace was the one my mother-in-law bought for Fletcher’s father on their wedding day. For my “something blue,” I wore a baby blue crinoline and navy shoes. I didn’t really have anything specifically “new,” but I think my new husband counts! 


..The wedding is a ceremony for other people to witness and join in celebrating your marriage. So be mindful of your guests’ comfort and the process that they have to go through to help you have the perfect day. When planning, ask your bridesmaids for advice if you think that something might be too much to ask for – and then REALLY listen to what they have to say. Your wedding lasts a day, but your continuing relationship with your husband will not be built without the love and support of your family and friends.” – Katrina, the bride


Photography : Star Noir Studio // Dress and veil: Etsy // Shoes: Anthropologie // Groom’s Outfit: Sofyano  (a local shop in Columbus, OH) // Flowers: Lasting Impressions in Daleville, IN // Cake: Dream Bakes – Gluten Free – Fort Myers, Florida (groom’s godmother’s bakery) // Grooms Ring: Ashcraft Jewelers, Brides Ring: the groom’s grandmother // Stationary and Programs: Happy Apple Paperie

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