December 10, 2013

“We met with Corey and Brittany this fall with a vision to capture their love in the landscape of the Natural State (Arkansas). We set off on rugged, dirt roads to recreate the moment when Corey asked Brittany to be his “girl”. Traveling to the original location of their love’s beginning caused the couple to remember the sweet affection that marked their early days together. We are delighted to share with you a collection of images narrating that beautiful autumn evening.” –Henry Trejo Organic Photography


Henry Trejo was our photographer and before our shoot, I had known him as just an acquaintance really, he had played in the worship band at our church with my fiancé, Corey. He actually came up to Corey and I at our engagement, letting us know that he would cut us a deal since we knew him (and we were college students, and you know how that goes). Shortly after, we were looking at his blog and decided to set a date. Clearly, we did not regret it!


..Honestly right now, I do not have all of my wedding details figured out. I am working full-time and going to school full-time, but I am planning on some much needed time to get all that stuff taken care of during Christmas break. So far, I was finding some really neat homemade guestbook ideas that I was wanting to ask my sister-in-law to make. And then, for flowers I asked my future mother-in-law if she would want to grow some of them. Our wedding is in May, so I keep telling myself I have time…


..Thinking about this, I really want to say the music is what I am most excited to plan. Let’s be real, guys I could care less about the amount of candles on each table, or where the hydrangeas and baby’s breath are going to be placed. What I know, is that music is one of the things Corey is most passionate about and I feel like it’s something he can really enjoy planning with me.” -Brittany, the bride-to-be


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