December 03, 2013

“It was like a movie” he said, “That part where everyone else goes blurry except that one girl. She was wearing a red dress. I’ll never forget that dress. I just kept thinking ‘This is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen”…

Life began for Matthew on the dance floor of his junior prom. He saw Jessica dancing and after moving in with his killer dance moves, he went for it. He kissed her right there on the dance floor. He called her later that night, she picked up and said “What was THAT?!”. Their first official date was on the shore of Lake Michigan. After they had been seated Matthew excused himself to go the the restroom. Jessica waited patiently. He ran out to his car and grabbed a sign he had made. He went around the restaurant on the other side of the glass where the girl of his dreams was waiting and pressed up the sign against window. The sign read “Jessica, will you go out with me”. Jessica just sat there as the entire restaurant stared in disbelief. She didn’t move a single inch. Matthew ran back inside, and after what felt like years, she said yes. If you couldn’t tell, Matthew is a man who knows exactly what he wants. He knew that one day he would get down on one knee, present Jessica the ring he had saved for since the night of their junior prom, and ask her to be his forever. And it was nothing short of amazing.” – Emily Jane Photography


“I found Emily through a really good friend! I had been dying to meet Emily through Kendall (they have been friends for a really long time) and I thought Emily would be such a good person to work with! She was so great! Matt, my fiancé, was really nervous for this shoot! But Emily made it so easy to capture so many great moments! Along with asking what we like to do for fun and camping is a huge thing we do together and right away she suggested a camp fire and s’mores! So of course we went with it and made the best of a fall day…


..I would have to say that I am doing a lot of DIY projects for the wedding! From flowers and centerpieces to even my own invites! I even plan on making my own veil! I am really having a lot of fun doing all these projects, and Matt and I both decided that a long engagement is what was best for us, so in the fall of 2015 is when we will tie the knot! Plenty of time to make crafts without having to worry about getting it done in six months. We are planning a more rustic wedding, when it comes to the decorations, I think less is more.


..We are planning on getting married at the church that we both belong too which is in our hometown of Grand Rapids, and then having a reception at a TBD location. (Of course I’ve been looking and I have a one in mind, but it’s tentative). I am having cupcakes made along with a little cake for Matt and I by a family friend. I am also getting all kinds of help from my soon-to-be in laws which makes me so excited to become part of the family! The most exciting thing about planning all of this would have to be sharing our day with our friends and family, and having two families come together in love!” -Jessica, the bride-to-be


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Stephanie Elizabeth {Fab You Bliss}
December 3, 2013

This story is one of the sweetest I've heard and the images are just as beautiful!