Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder November 06, 2013

real wedding | Thinh + Julie

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“I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to photograph such a gorgeous wedding in an opulent venue of Hummingbird Nest Ranch. There were a lot of beautiful and delicate moments from the beginning to the very end and I absolutely loved them. It was very surprising when the best man came to visit Julie and pass her Thinh’s special gift. With an excitement, Julie unfolded Thinh’s love letter and she broke in tears and happiness while reading it… I felt blessed and honored to capture such a lifetime moment that will be cherished and remembered for many years to come.” – The Big Affair


“Our pastor asked us to pause, take a deep breathe, and look at all the friends and family that came from all over the world to celebrate with us before he began the ceremony. That was a tear filled moment!


..We DIY-ed a big portion of our wedding. We designed and printed our own invitations and thank you cards. For the wedding, we had our talented friend Jannie Nguyen (also a full time Creative Designer for Pottery Barn) help us so I can’t take credit for how pretty it turned out. The idea was simple elegance with a rustic touch…


..My wedding dress was borrowed. My generous friend ended up gifting me the dress. It fits me like a glove and it was exactly what I had envisioned. No alterations were needed! My Dad bought me a ‘new’ diamond necklace as a surprise. I like things simple, so my Dad did a perfect job buying me something I’d absolutely love. My husband also surprised me with his late grandma’s diamond earrings (in a new setting), so I count that as my something old.  Although I couldn’t manage to fit them into my tiny ear piercings on the day of, I loved his thoughtful gift regardless. And as you can see, my heels were blue!


..I think on the day of, details don’t matter anymore. You and your husband-to-be have done so much, just savor the moments and enjoy the presence of your friends and family. Take a moment to just LOOK at what you’ve put together and the faces of the people that are there with you. Make up your mind on what matters the most and be okay to settle for something less ideal for those items that don’t matter as much (for us, it was flowers, wedding favors, cakes, programs, etc).  In the end, the wedding is only a day long but your marriage will be forever so try to be budget conscious!” – Julie, the bride  


photography: The Big Affair // venue: Hummingbird Nest Ranch, CA // decor: Jannie Nguyen // event planners: Velvet Alley Events // makeup: Makeup by Grace Chun // flowers: Decora Botanica // dessert: Cream Pan

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