Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder October 09, 2013

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We are talking about one of my favorite topics today – shoes! Lets face it, shoes are a girls best friend so why not invest in something you’ll wear not only during but also after the I do’s? My philosophy as a stylist and shoe lover, is to find a style that’s absolutely perfect for you special day ~ as well as something you can work into your normal wardrobe. I broke the bridal shoe game down into three different categories: classic, colorful, and comfort. Yes, you heard me correctly, there are fab + comfortable low heal options out there so you don’t wind up barefoot on the dance floor! – Brittany of The Fashion Drug


//////////   Style Notes   ///////////

– If you’re looking for a classic shoe for your wedding day, you’ll definitely want to stay in a neutral color pallet. But don’t exclude nudes, silvers, and golds over the traditional white satin. There are so many great neutrals out there and they make a fantastic staple shoe with almost any outfit.

– Picking a colorful shoe is not only a fresh and fun option for your wedding but it will also pair well with many neutral ensembles or with jeans and a blazer for a casual chic look.

– If you’re a bride fretting about your feet – no need to fear. There are tons of beautiful low heel options that will last you a lifetime in wearability during the entire wedding and many years after.

I pulled together some of my favorite shoe styles for weddings and beyond. Everything is fully shopable so enjoy gals!

Classic Styles:

Colorful Styles:

Comfortable Styles:

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