October 08, 2013

“We are fortunate to work with truly lovely couples often, so the fact that Lauren & Nate were warm and genuine upon our first meeting was standard fare. What was such a delightful surprise was how nicely they managed to infuse that sense of gracious Southern hospitality into their wedding day. From providing trolley transportation for their guest list to the festive tower of mojitos awaiting guests arrival at the thoughtfully designed reception, the care that the couple displayed for their loved ones was a touching reminder that weddings are a celebration honoring the love between all of the participants and not just the newlyweds.” – Meg Baisden Photography ST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0001.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0002.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0003.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0004.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0005.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0006.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0008.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0020.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0007.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0009.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0010.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0011.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0012.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0013.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0014.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0015.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0016.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0017.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0018.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0019.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0021.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0022.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0023.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0024.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0026.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0027.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0028.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0029.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0030.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0031.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0032.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0033.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0036.jpgJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise Ins’t this a darling DIY guestbook below! The guests take a polaroid of themselves, attach it to a cute card and write a sweet message to the bride and groom. Great job Lauren!!! ST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0037.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0034.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0035.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0038.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0039.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0040.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0041.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0042.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0043.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0049.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0044.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0045.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0046.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0047.jpgST_Meg_Baisden_Photography_pensacola_wedding_0048.jpgST_favorite_wedding_day_memory “As I’m sure you hear quite often from many brides, it is very hard to narrow it down to just one favorite memory. However, I have to say walking down the aisle was one of the most memorable moments of the day. The feeling I had when the church doors opened and I was standing with my Dad, looking down the aisle at my future husband, was something I will never forget. I didn’t want that moment to end. I remember, despite my rapidly beating heart and shaky hands, feeling so calm standing there with my Dad and just wanted to soak it all in. The rest of the day was full of great memories, but nothing compared to how I felt being surrounded by family and friends, arm-in-arm with my Dad, with my best friend waiting for me at the other end of the aisle.  ST_DIY_wedding_projects ..I’m so happy to say that we actually did do a few DIY projects for our wedding. In all fairness, we can’t take credit for the ideas (we aren’t the most creative people), but after endless searching on Pinterest and wedding blogs like yours; we managed to find some ideas and ended up making our own place card holders, menus, programs and guest book. And I say we because I really have to give the credit to Nate. He was a trooper throughout the entire process. I’m not convinced we saved any money when it was all said and done, but the memories made during the many trips to Michael’s and late nights spent printing programs, tying ribbons, stamping menus, making place cards, etc. made it all worth it! I have to mention the best DIY project, although my Mom deserves all of the credit.  She made the flower girl’s dress (her granddaughter/my niece) and it turned out perfectly! ST_old_new_borrowed_blue ..My something old was a brooch of my grandmother’s that I actually wore as a clip in my hair.  She passed away a few years ago so it was really special to be able to wear something that belonged to her.   My something new was a pair of diamond earrings from Nate. He surprised me with them the morning of our wedding so I gladly put them in and wore them as my something new. My something borrowed was the purse my sister carried on her wedding day, and my something blue was a guardian angel pin that my sister received from her mother-in-law on her wedding day. My sister pinned it on my bouquet so that I had it with me all day.   ST_advice_for_current_brides ..Quite simply, try your best to enjoy it and don’t lose sight of why you are doing what you are doing. There are so many elements to plan and understandably you want your day to be perfect and unique, but don’t let yourself get too wrapped up in the planning.  In the end, no matter what goes wrong or right that day, you will be married to your soul mate. Of course it can be stressful and overwhelming at times, but eventually you will look back and feel a little sad that it is all over. Take the time to enjoy the process while you are going through it and always remind yourself that the wedding is just the beginning of your new life together.     ST_event_credits photography: Meg Baisden Photography // videographer: Gilmore Pictures // venue and caterer: Pensacola Country Club, Pensacola, FL // flowers: Fiore // band: Isis // cake: Betty Weber // dessert: Nye’s Cream Sandwiches // dress: Marisa // bridesmaid’s dresses: Ann Taylor // groom and groomsmen’s attire: Joseph A. Bank // hair: Cayla Coley // make-up: Robin Klag // invitations: William Arthur // transportation: Good Time Tours


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