September 19, 2013

Summer is coming to a close… but if you’re still searching for a refreshing, unique flavored margarita for your upcoming event ~ this drink will be the perfect fit! It’s deliciously refreshing and yet the color feels like the beginning of fall and screams October. Make sure to add the salted rim, it takes the flavor to another level… and yeah, there’s pomegranate-blueberry juice in it… but you’d never know!

blackberry margaritablackberry margarita

To me – it’s all about the color. I encourage all my brides to serve a ‘signature drink’ at their receptions and/or other bridal events. One that matches their party either in theme or in color.

This drink is very easy to make as you can see from the ingredients. One of the things you need to keep in mind when serving a ‘Signature Drink’ at your reception, is how easy it will be to produce – over and over. Also, it shouldn’t be too strong – we don’t want your guests to be trashed before the cake cutting! So, this fabulously fall colored cocktail (that still tastes of summer) will be the perfect addition to any event that you will be throwing this fall. From your engagement party, your bridal shower or your wedding (maybe even a Halloween Party!) this berry-delicious drink will be a winner!

The Blackberry Liqueur is what makes this margarita interesting! Sorry gals, there isn’t any ‘blackberry’ juice… so we went with pomegranate-blueberry juice and you wouldn’t know the difference! Combine all the fabulous ingredients in a shaker over ice. Pour into a glass with ice, garnish the rim with SALT (not sugar!) and blackberries on a stirring stick. So yummy!!!

/////   BLACK-BERRITA   /////

2 parts pomegranate-blueberry juice
1 part tequila
1 part blackberry Liqueur
salt + blackberry garnish

blackberry margaritaST_post_line


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