Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder September 16, 2013

real wedding | Jesse + Melissa

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“Wow, what a stunning couple and an unbelievable day! Some weddings just have a little extra energy about them. It’s hard to describe but a tangible spark could be felt in the air. Maybe it was excitement for Jesse and Melissa who had been waiting so long for the day to finally arrive; maybe it was just the first beautiful day of spring. Whatever the reason, it was palpable. Mercy Vineyard set the stage for the vows followed by a rocking reception and the Harlem Shake at Architectural Antiques. Enjoy!” – Bryan Jonathan Weddings


You have to see this amazing video short of the entire dance floor doing the Harlem Shake!


“The whole day was pretty special, but I would have to say my favorite moment was when we did the Harlem Shake with our guests at the reception! We provided costumes, masks and other accessories for our guests to wear and everyone got involved! Our videographer filmed it and made a really awesome and hilarious video that we’ll have as a memory forever.

One of our other favorite aspects of the wedding was that we hand-picked all of the music, from the ceremony to the reception to the dance. We saved all of our music in playlists on our iTunes account so we can always access the soundtrack to our wedding day!


..Yes! I made several wood and chalkboard signs, photo displays in window frames, table runners with our initials, mason jars with sand and candles, canvas & twine banners, and wrapped our silverware with doilies and napkins.

In addition, we were invited to make use of the antiques in the warehouse, so we used items such as bathtubs for beverage coolers, an old church pulpit for speeches, stained glass windows and old doors to line the walls and our favorite – and a giant stuffed bison pointing the way to the restrooms.


..Not in its entirety, but I did receive a very special gift from my aunt in honor of my wedding: one of my grandfather’s white handkerchiefs with his initials sewn in blue thread. My grandfather passed away in 2009, and it meant a lot to have something of his with me on my day.


..Firmly but respectfully decline anything you don’t want in your wedding – I really wanted to simplify my ceremony and reception so we cut out the traditions we didn’t care for (i.e. flower girl/ring bearer, garter and flower toss) and kept the ones that meant something to us (unity candle, cake cutting, and first dances). This wedding should reflect your personalities, not anyone else’s! ” – Melissa, the bride


photography: Bryan Jonathan Weddings // ceremony: Mercy Vineyard Church in Northeast Minneapolis // reception: Architectural Antiques in Northeast Minneapolis // invitations: Designed by Jeremy McClellan // programs: designed by Taylor Bjork // dress: White by Vera Wang at David’s Bridal // catering: John Mercier  // videography: New Village Pictures

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