Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 19, 2013

diy wedding | Matt + Kiki

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“Photographing Kiki and Matt’s wedding was like being a secondary character in a fairy tale and getting to experience the part where they live happily ever after. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day, a more gorgeous couple, or a more cheerful crowd. Everything about their day was magical. It was the best way to end the first chapter of their lives and begin the next: a whole lifetime of love. Same as the day they met, they had sand between their toes and the ocean as the backdrop while they said yes to forever. Yes to many more years of laughter, friendship and sunsets on the beach. And yes, it can last forever when you are not only committed to each other but to something bigger than yourself.” – LuLight

ST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0038.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0002.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0003.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0004.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0005.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0006.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0007.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0009.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0008.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0010.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0011.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0012.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0013.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0014.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0015.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0016.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0017.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0018.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0019.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0020.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0022.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0021.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0023.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0024.jpgST_LuLight_Photography_beach_diy_wedding_0026.jpgJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

When this couple says ‘DIY’ they don’t mess around. All the beauty and creativity that you will see in this event was handmade by the bride and her family, an absolutely perfect blend of beach and rustic. We LOVE the details below…


“It was walking down the aisle, on the beach in the bright sun toward the love of my life!


..We literally DIY’d everything that you see here. The DIY game can be tricky. It can be very time consuming, but if managed right – in the end it’s so worth it because of how invested you are into your big day!


..Yes, I did! My mom made my garter – and we used lace from her OLD dress, NEW elastic, BLUE thread, and my mom’s BORROWED time.


..My advice would be to just remember nothing is as big of a deal as it seems in the moment. As long as your guests at least get a plate of food and a cold beer everyone will be happy at the end of the day! It’s all about the two of you!” – Kiki, the bride


photography: LuLight // dress: Emerson by Watters Wtoo Collection // bridal party: each member picked their own attire based on the colors // cake: made by Kiki’s mom // florist: Holi Do // catering: The Spaghetti Bender // venue: Newport Beach, CA // lighting and decor: the bride and her family

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