Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 15, 2013

real wedding | Jack + Sherri

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“Sherri & Jack are an adorable couple from Northern Virginia that both work in the medical field. Once the wedding planning started, they decided to look south to Charleston. Jack said “We want a small intimate, romantic, yet simple wedding for family and close friends in the setting of the Southern Charm of Charleston”. They chose The Wickliffe House as their venue because of the architectural details and historic feel of the area. Sherri designed all of the decor herself. Her color choices of pinks and grays invoke a soft and romantic mood, perfect for the occasion.” – Riverland Studios

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I absolutely adore all the DIY work that went into this wedding and especially the favors ~ SO many favors!!! These adorable sugar scrub jars being just one! I’m sure these guests truly felt the love!


“This one is easy for me, saying “I do”. Jack is the love of my life and I couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to him. We were both so excited to finally be standing there with each other, having our close friends and family as witnesses…


..I’d have to say that most of the wedding was DIY. We had a small wedding and this made it a lot easier to plan and arrange with the help of my hubby and a few friends. The lanterns on the tables outside were a great find! They were originally gold, so we painted those silver to match the decor. I loved the idea of candles on the place settings as wedding favors, so with the help of a friend, and a hot glue gun, we made them pretty. We also made our own sugar scrub, jarred it and decorated the jars as a wedding favor and it’s awesome! The two signs we had at the reception – I designed, printed and framed. We ordered our flowers from Publix and two of my friends did the flower arrangements and bouquets the day of the wedding. My husband and I also bought recycled, reusable, pink bags online, stenciled them and filled them with fun stuff as welcoming gifts for all of our guests and had them waiting at their hotels (a great surprise!). One of our gifts to our Matron of Honor and Best Man were champagne flutes that we stenciled ourselves, they loved them. We bought all the decorations for the tables, candy bar and mantels. I gave all the decorations, with an explanation, to the girls at The Wickliffe House and they brought it to life the night of the wedding. It was a little time consuming, planning, shopping, and crafting stuff for the wedding, but we enjoyed it. The greatest part was seeing it all come together! It’s so hard to picture it in your mind when you’re buying everything in pieces and planning it from a distance (I didn’t even see the Wickliffe House until shortly before the wedding), but it turned out to be my dream wedding and I couldn’t be happier as all the hard work payed off and all our family and friends had a blast!


..Relax, enjoy the process and remain focused on what it’s all about, the union of two people! We picked out a project to do every few weeks and we would make a night out of it so it really was fun for us. Definitely find ways to keep if fun, not to mention having a vision helps. Another thing that helped me was making sure that everything we bought for the wedding we would be able to keep and use in our house so we have a lot of little reminders of our special day. There will be stressful times indeed, but don’t get too uptight about every little detail because no one will notice the flaws, and if there are any it just gives you something to laugh about later!” – Sherri, the bride


photography: Riverland Studios // venue: The Wickliffe House // dress: Allure from Bridal Elegance // hair: Ash and co. Bridal Hair and Make up // musicians: Classical Charleston // cake: The Cake Stand // catering: Mediterra Catering // flowers: Publix, but DIYed by the bridal party // Matron of Honor dress: Alfred Angelo // officiant: Charleston Wedding Officiant

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