Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder August 13, 2013

real wedding | James + Virginia

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“There is a reason for the glow that perpetually surrounds Virginia and James. Sure — it’s “love.” Of course! But it’s deeper than the love of romantic comedies or the “love at first sight.” It needs a better word to distinguish it. It’s the love of selflessness and long-shared experience, that has thrived through better and worse even before its vows were spoken. It’s a love for others, which drew Virginia and James away from their territory in New York City and Washington DC to our little corner of Georgia, just to be certain their grandparents could be a part of their big day. It’s why my wife, Eileen, and I fell in love with them both upon our first meeting. We were honored to be chosen as their photographers…


The relationship took us first to New York for a not-to-be-missed engagement shoot that spanned the Big Apple. We treasure the time we had to explore the city with them and chat over tables of food within its character-rich eateries. Shortly after this “destination” engagement shoot, Virginia and James shared the unexpected pain of losing his father. They inspired us with their grace and strength, and I loved that James immediately picked up his and his dad’s project of restoring an old mountain bike. Eileen worked with him to recreate its worn-away graphic stickers. Then James sent us proud portraits of the shining bicycle, standing like new — a monument to great memories…


We built a hundred memories with Virginia and James that we’ll hold on to, from random friendly greetings before the wedding, to the big day itself. I remember the frequent, long looks of pride James’ mother gave him, especially when he wasn’t looking. I remember Virginia’s cool demeanor even as the ceremony approached and last-minute details were still coming together. I watched her put aside the rush to “do” everything and instead “be” present in the moment, taking up a baby in her arms and soothing it with her smile. I recall kind words spoken behind the couple’s back during the cocktail hour, and sweet stories shared during toasts. Virginia’s friend toasted from a long-lost list they compiled as teenage girls: all the (often hilarious) qualities they then hoped to find in a partner one day. It made for great listening — and laughing! But it was profound as well. These two complement each other so fully. We are thankful to have shared a little of our art and lives with them. We can’t wait to see all the places they’ll go together!” – Blume Photography

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I absolutely love this idea! Instead of regular table numbers, use special years like James and Virginia! They described each event on cute little chalkboards for their guests!


“When James looked at me and said his vows, everything sped up and slowed down all at the same time. After that, the toasts by our siblings and best friends were definitely incredible…


..I love the DIY look, small, meaningful details, but I personally lacked the skill and time to the event to pull it off. The only things we did ourselves were decorating the flower girl basket, and building the escort card display. Luckily our wedding planner Emily at Stella Harper Events stepped in and handmade a number of gorgeous details, like rosettes on the chalkboards that matched the pennant she created for the mantlepiece and tiny, matching cake pennant. She hand-picked each individual fabric, as well as the unique vintage containers, which Stems Atlanta used to create the centerpieces…


..It was really all around me! My blue was in my beautiful bridesmaids, who wore their own unique dresses. We were surrounded by our oldest and dearest family and friends as we began a new life as a married couple together. Borrowed are those who got me through it – Emily and our photographers, the Blumes!


..Be kind to yourself. If you can, hire a day of planner to run your wedding day plans – to take stress off you – so that you can let yourself be in the moment. If you like certain looks or details but aren’t Martha Stewart, look around Etsy or find a crafty friend or vendor who can do a great job at probably less of a cost.” – Virginia, the bride


Photography: Blume Photography // Venue: The Cotton Warehouse // Caterer: Beyond Details // Flowers: Stems Atlanta // Wedding Planner and Design: Stella Harper Events // Cake (it was a regular size caramel cake) : Cecilia Villaveces Cakes // Dress: Turquoise by Rivini, from Betsy Robinson’s Bridal // Groom’s Tuxedo: Hugo Boss // Groomsmen ties: handmade by Otis James  // Invitations, programs, escort cards: Blacky Designs // Favors were chocolates by Chamberlain’s Chocolate Factory // DJ: Spectrum Entertainment // Officiant: Reverend George Callahan

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