July 31, 2013

“They both went to UCI but never knew each other until that faithfull night at the Cabo Cantina where they met for the first time. It’s been said that women possess certain characteristics that can make a man stop in his tracks – that night, Pamela chatted with Ryan and with every syllable, she called into a different part of Ryan’s soul. Pamela and Ryan made plans to hang out the again – and again…. they have been inseparable ever since. One evening, Pamela had one of the worst days she has ever had. She came home to Ryan where he consoled her, telling her that everything will be okay. He suggested a walk around Balboa Island to help cheer up her mood. Little did Pamela know what was in store for her – a romantic marriage proposal. I have a sneaky feeling she forgot all about her bad day after that. When I met up with Ryan and Pamela for their engagement session, I could not help but notice the way the look at each other. A look of knowing, time, and trust – complete with its own language. Independently, they’re two of the most dynamic and caring people one could meet, but together they form a bond – with ions of fabulosity floating around and a nucleus comprised of unadulterated love.” – Manda Murphy Photography


“I found our photographer, Manda through my bridesmaid, Lindsay. Lindsay is a CPA in Orange County and actually worked with Manda’s brother! Manda and I grabbed coffee in order to finalize the contract and we immediately connected – she is so sweet, calming, and encouraging, exactly what every bride needs! She exudes experience with weddings, something I was severely lacking being one of the first of my friends to travel down this road! As if all of that wasn’t enough, when she met my fiance Ryan for the first time at our engagement session, they hit it off as well! And to top that all off, she is such a talented photographer, it’s impossible for me to choose my favorite photo from our e-session – I love them all!


..I would say that 95% of our wedding decor is handmade – some of which I’ve made myself, some of which my very handy mother has created, and the rest we’ve ordered through Etsy. I find crafting to be both rewarding as well as stress-reducing; so these little projects here and there have been really fun leading up to the wedding. Though I would warn that I went through a few “episodes” of Pinterest-overload and have had to nix some ideas; I’ve had to remind myself that I cannot do everything! Instead, I’ve tried to focus my time, energy, and budget on big-impact decor elements, plus a few smaller (cheaper/easier) elements that coordinate in order to balance both the wedding decor, and stress level! I learned early on not to hesitate to ask for help either! I have some very talented friends and have given them jobs I know they will do well, but also enjoy! My bridesmaid, Isabel is a great with Photoshop, so she helped us immensely with our wedding stationary (Save the Dates, Invitations, Programs, and Thank You Cards). Ryan’s mom is also helping us put together our wedding favors, so it’s definitely been a team effort!


Ryan and I are getting married in July and there is a ton that I am excited for, but I think I am most excited to have all of our loved ones together in the same place! I am also in love with our venue, Sherman Gardens, so it helps that “the same place” happens to be pretty spectacular! I am also very eager to see all the planning we’ve done over the last 14 months finally come together – time has truly had flown by!” -Pamela, the bride-to-be


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