Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder July 29, 2013

real wedding | Thomas + Nicole

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“On a beautiful spring day in May, best friends spent the morning in separate rooms getting ready for one of the most important days of their lives, the day two become one, vow to share the rest of their lives together and they did it in style. We loved every moment, every detail and every sweet word that was spoken…


Thomas and Nicole are best friends, soul mates, lovers and two of the sweetest people I know. I’m so honored to have them in my life and even more honored that they chose us to capture this fabulous celebration! Their vows were touching and still found away to make us giggle, the speeches were hilarious (Thomas really took a beating, but I think it was worth it because we all laughed so hard… orange is totally his color and we can’t forget about the wise genie and his 3 wishes), the flowers were delicate and perfect, the food was superb and the dance party felt like we danced all night long! Surrounded by the family and friends who love them Thomas and Nicole had the perfect celebration of their lifelong commitments to each other. Congratulations Love Birds!” – Chloe Jackman Photography

ST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0006.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0004.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0007.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0002.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0003.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0005.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0009.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0010.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0013.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0014.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0011.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0012.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0033.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0008.jpgST_Chloe_Jackman_photography_winery_wedding_0016.jpgJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I LOVE this detail. Tying off the aisle with a bow so that no guests walk down it – both for superstition and so they won’t ruin your aisle runner… it makes for a pretty picture as well. Think about it, your parents could be the ones to untie the ribbon!!!


“Everything about the day was so fun and exciting but I have to say, my favorite memory was the part leading up to the ceremony and of course the ceremony too! From the bridal suite, I could “spy” on our guests arriving and finding their seats. With the music playing in the background, butterflies started gathering in my stomach as I counted down the final minutes before walking down the aisle. My bridesmaids and Matron of Honor left the suite ahead of me to walk down the aisle and I had about 3 minutes to myself, in pure silence. All of the stress of planning had washed away and I felt the most calm I’ve ever felt. The second I could finally see Thomas waiting at the end of the aisle for me, was a moment I will never forget until the end of my time!


..We planned every aspect of the wedding ourselves so we were able to really make it our own. We made the seating chart out of picture frames, the favors, the table numbers and the thank you cards that were placed at each guest’s seat. We LOVE olive oil so it was a no-brainer that we wanted it as a favor. I had so much fun making the hand-stamped thank you tags that were affixed to the oil. I also enjoyed making the table numbers, which were really easy and inexpensive (picture frames with the glass removed and wooden numbers glued in the middle)..


..Do what makes you and your fiance happy. There is so much inspiration online that it can feel overwhelming. Take a step back, dream up your perfect day, and create it. It doesn’t have to look straight out of a movie, in fact, it shouldn’t. It should look like YOUR dream day. What’s most important is that it’s what you want as it will likely be one of your most favorite memories of all time!” – Nicole, the bride


photography: Chloe Jackman // ceremony & reception venue: Clos La Chance Winery // catering + desserts: Vanessa with Cafe Primavera // florist: Lani Elizabeth Fine Design in Flowers // DJ: Woody Miraglia of BIG FUN Disc Jockeys // coordinator: Michele Swensen of Clos La Chance // linens: La Tavola // dress: San Patrick // suits: Michael Kors // lighting: Bloomsters // officiant: Timothy Levad // Hair + Makeup: Megan Murphy // Olive oil favors: Amphora Nueva-Berkeley Olive Oil Works

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