July 02, 2013

“Troy & Leslie met while attending Azusa Pacific University…both pursuing a degree in graphic arts. While their majors changed and went in different ways, their love clearly didn’t. Troy’s friend John (and his Best Man) introduced the two of them and they hit it off. To this day, Troy still claims he let Leslie win at the bowling alley on their first date. I’m not convinced that’s how it played out, but either way, they are two of the sweetest people you could ever meet and I’m so excited for their backyard wedding!” – Leif Brandt Photography


“Troy and I were very fortunate to find Leif. We had been looking around for a photographer and just hadn’t settled on one. One afternoon my mom had mentioned that she had heard of a great photographer from our church. We looked him up and he was fantastic! He had even worked on a few weddings of people we knew. By chance, he was available to meet up after church that Sunday. We chatted for a while and the rest went from there. He has been so amazing through this whole process…


..We actually incorporated a lot of DIY and personal touches into our wedding. Troy and I met taking art classes in college, so it was only natural to incorporate a lot of that side of us into our wedding. He designed all our our invitations and I watercolored them all before we sent them out. We also watercolored our table numbers to tie everything in together. From there we made our guestbook out of heart punches, grew and planted our own succulent favors, put together a s’mores bar for our guests, and a few other details. It was really fun to see all of our creations come together!


..Our wedding was set in a backyard, so I am most looking forward to seeing the transformation take place from backyard to wedding! We planned the wedding on a budget and tried to create a lot of the elements ourselves. We were very fortunate to find family friends (including our florist and location hosts) that were so generous along the way. We are really excited to see it all come together!” – Leslie, the bride-to-be


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