July 02, 2013

“Here we have our classic east coast meets west coast love story. California bred artist Amanda meets Georgia grown journalist Adam, in a little college town in Virginia… and the rest is history! Both wanted to incorporate their hobbies and talents into their eclectic engagement shoot in downtown Lexington. The fall foliage was a perfect compliment to the quaint alcoves and boutique lined streets of this artsy town. What really made the shoot though, was the playful nature and killer style this couple brought with them. They made a photographer’s job easy. Congratulations Amanda + Adam!” – BMW Photography


Brinn Willis! We actually went to school in a town of about 7,000 people and she was THE BEST in the area. We had seen her blog and other forums her photos were featured and knew instantly that she would be the one to do ours. It also helped that a number of our friends who got engaged or wanted family portraits went through her and told us she was just great to work with so it fit all around. We LOVED working with her and she was very open to different ideas and locations to shoot at…


..Not as much as I thought and nothing compared to some amazing brides I’ve seen online but but a little here and there. Let’s see… we decided to assemble our own rose petal cones out of parchment paper triangles, does that count? Oh, also I collaborated with a dear friend Meredith, who just opened her own print shop called Winnie Press, to design and print both our save the date and our wedding invitations, which were designed through the colaberative efforts of my brother, mother and myself…


..I don’t know if I will do this question justice! There are so many things! We have a couple from New Zealand doing a stop motion/and photographing our wedding (Bayly and Moore) which I can’t wait to see. The venue is a villa in San Juan Capistrano that I am so excited to see decorated. A Gelato cart which, being Italian, I am SO excited for. I guess I would just have to say that the entire process coming together is what I am most excited for. There are so many different elements to the ceremony that choosing one would do another a disservice! Then again I think the thing I’m most excited for is when they will introduce us as Mr. & Mrs. Cubbage!!!” – Amanda, the bride-to-be


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