June 27, 2013

“I could tell that these two were planning something special from the get-go. We were introduced by a mutual friend whose wedding was also unusual, but theirs is a story for a different day. Devin and Pete are special because they have amazing family and friends who love them. Their plans to DIY nearly everything for their wedding kind of hooked me. Knowing that their family and friends are going to pitch in so much got me weepy…


..We had great plans for our engagement shoot that involved paint and other crazy fun things. Instead? It rained. So we did the next best, not-too-crazy but still as much fun thing. We headed to Deep Ellum area of Dallas for a few shots of them near a mural that’s near and dear to Devin’s heart. She may or may not have picked the colors of her boots to match; I never asked but I wouldn’t doubt it! Afterwards, we headed to Watermark Community Church which is where their wedding and reception were going to take place. To be sure: the interior of the church provided some incredibly fun backdrops for their photos. We avoided the spots that were typically used for engagement shoots and did a lot of playing with light and poses and…cards. Pete’s an avid collector of card decks so we had to make sure we used them. They made this shoot even more fun because they were willing to try so many new things with me. Really, what’s not to love? They were a dream to work with. No…make that: they were a dream to play with! – Mercedes Morgan Photography


“Oh, the world is so so so small sometimes! I was actually in a rock climbing class my last semester of college and met another girl in my class who was engaged (shout out to Cat)! We bonded over being each other’s life savers on the terrifyingly tall wall (literally) and gal-paling about wedding things.  So, we decided to make our friendship official and added each other on Facebook. She got married during our class and as I stalked her wedding photos I fell in LOVE with them. They were absolutely stunning and romantic. After many hours of looking up wedding photographers on Google, realizing I could afford none of them and still being in love with Cat’s photos, I decided to contact her photographer, Mercedes Morgan. The rest is history!


…What aren’t we DIY for our wedding?! I feel like every person I know is going to be involved in making something for our wedding! My husband and I made all the Save-the-Dates and wedding invitations. Some amazing women I know spent an entire evening cutting fabric out for our flowers. A woman at our church is making cupcakes and cookies for our dessert bar. My husband cut and edited all the music for our ceremony. Cake stands have been made and painted in my brand new apartment, our centerpieces were designed on my parents’ kitchen table, programs printed in our office, playing card boutonnieres assembled hunched over a card table, bow ties for the boys were sewn by my mom/hubs and mason jars were painted with chalkboard paint in my living room for guest favors. My sister and husband spent several hours dumping out thousands of cards on my floor and tying them with twine for our “52 pick-up” departure. And best of all?  My mom made my wedding dress. Seriously, y’all, my. wedding. dress. She freakin’ rules!!!


..Honestly, I am most looking forward to busting some moves on the dance floor! Anyone who has known me for more than a hot second has seen me dance awkwardly to just about anything. But I’m incredibly excited about experiencing our ceremony as well! We have special touches planned like hand picked music which should make things super meaningful. We hope it will be a beautiful reminder of Christ’s love for His people, how faithful He is, and how far His grace extends to bring two royally weird, crazy, screwed-up but forgiven and committed people together!” – Devin, the bride-to-be


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