Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 19, 2013

DIY Wedding | Blake + Robbyn

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“Robbyn and Blake were married  at the Cliffs Resort on beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake. It was a truly awesome experience for me to photograph my sister’s wedding, surrounded by all the most important people in their lives – at one of the most beautiful venues in Texas.  The only thing missing was the 100 degree Texas weather! But the cool weather added to the vintage feel of the wedding as all the girls wrapped themselves in vintage furs for the ceremony. I not only served as the photographer but also as Blake’s best man. I had a busy weekend but it was sure worth it.  Thanks to Heather Sanderson for helping me shoot this amazing event. She truly did an outstanding job and allowed me to put my camera down to help the couple celebrate. Congrats Robbyn and Blake!” – Derrick Tribbey Photography

ST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0001.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0003.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0004.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0002.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0005.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0006.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0007.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0008.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0009.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0010.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0011.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0012.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0013.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0016.jpgST_Derrick_Tribbey_Photography_0014.jpgJen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I love the look on Blake’s face below… he’s just seen his gorgeous bride for the first time and he clearly can’t take his eyes off her… so romantic.


“Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! Marrying my best friend at the most beautiful venue in Texas and having our friends and family all in one place made our day so special. What made our day even more memorable was the crazy Texas weather! A week before, it was 90 degrees. On our wedding day, the temperature never made it over 45 degrees! The weather may have been completely unexpected but it sure did add to the vintage theme of the wedding! Fur would have been a little warm for normal October weather in Texas!


..Almost everything at the wedding was DIY. From the large wooden door backdrops to the homemade jelly wedding favors! We also made all the wooden signs, decorated over 150 mason jars with my great-grandmothers lace and buttons, and even homemade many of the sweets for the grooms table. After scorching my fingers multiple times with the hot glue gun and tying over 500 pieces of ribbon, I was beginning to think we were nuts for even attempting all these projects. In the end however, everything turned out just the way we wanted and we were so proud of our DIY decor!


..Old – my grandmothers family ring; New – my wedding jewelry given to me on my wedding day by my father; Blue – my shoes and garter; Borrowed – a little extra cleavage loaned to me by a friend (ha-ha)!


..Enjoy every minute of the crazy planning process! Don’t stress. Ask for help. Give your groom-to-be projects… just in case you didn’t know, men are actually very good at tying extremely “dainty” bows! And most of all, take pictures of everything! You never know where they might end up!” Robbyn, the bride

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