Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 17, 2013

bouquet blueprint | purple peacock dreams

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Isn’t this bouquet just gorgeous!!?? I absolutely love ‘grass’ in bouquets… I love the look, the texture and all the ways it can be molded. Being that ’emerald’ has been deemed the color of the year… if your bridesmaids are wearing it – they should be carrying this bouquet! The bright purples look gorgeous against all the green… the peacock feathers and the blue thistle bring a unique texture… and guess what!? This isn’t a traditional hand tied bouquet even though it looks like it ~ read the design tip below for the crafty details!

ST_bouquet_blueprint_purple_peacock_dreams_0001 copy

BOUQUET // The star of this bouquet is the variegated lisianthus! It is available year round and comes in the variegated purple as well the solid purple color which would be perfect for this peacock inspired bouquet. The accents flowers used are all available year round as well! The Peacock “swords” are available at craft stores or online and create terrific movement and texture.


DESIGN TIP // When using short stems such as the lisianthus blooms and statice it is best to use a bouquet holder as a base. Here the bouquet holder was used as a base to place the lisianthus and some of the statice while the “green trick” dianthus, lily grass and bear grass are placed around the handle of the bouquet holder. This gives the appearance of a traditional ‘hand tied’ bouquet but is able to give uniformity to the lisianthus, along with water. One end of the Peacock swords are placed in to bouquet holder while the other is glued into place mixed amongst the grasses.

CARE // Since the bouquet is in a bouquet holder it has a water source for the day and will look just as perfect at the end of the night!


RECIPE // 2 bunches (about 50 stems) of variegated lily grass, ¼ Bunch Purple Statice, 10 stems of “Green Trick” Dianthus, 30 stems of Purple variegated Lisianthus (just the blooms), 15 stems of Blue Thistle, and ½ Bunch Bear Grass (about 25 stems).


BOUTONNIERES // These boutonnieres play off the textures that are abundant in the bouquet! From left to right; Statice, thistle, looped peacock swords; Lisianthus with thistle and rolled lily grass; Green Trick Dianthus, looped lily grass and peacock swords. All these boutonnieres are light weight and a little something different.


amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling by: Jen | Something Turquoise

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