Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder June 05, 2013

real wedding | Doug + Erica

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“Erica and Doug’s wedding was such a great expression of who they are – it was beautiful, thoughtful, and so much fun! They planned an elegant and stylish celebration that was uniquely them – so that they could focus more of their attention on their friends and family. Our favorite moment of the day was taking photos of them on the rooftop of the DAR Headquarters with the backdrop of the National Monument. Second only to that was the dancing…there’s nothing better than seeing people cut loose and completely live up their big day. The couple hired Six Stylez and the elegant dinner turned into one of the most fun parties we’ve ever been to! Seeing Erica and Doug celebrate together, it was evident how perfect they are for one another. We’re grateful to have spent the day with them and the people they love!” – True Story Studios


“Of all the beautiful moments that string together our wedding day, one does stand out in both our memories. Doug and I entered the church and walked down the aisle together. We felt that was a better representation of our commitment in marriage – a choice that we were making together as partners and equals. This ended up being really powerful. It also gave Doug and I a few quiet moments alone together outside the church before the ceremony. It was time that became even more appreciated once the momentum of the day really took hold…


..Yes, the pears that were the seating cards. That was a DIY project that I worked on with my mom in the days before the wedding. We gilded one pear for each guest and wrote a name on each for seating at the reception. It was a fun project and gave me a chance to spend some time with my mom before things got too hectic…


..I would echo the advice that once you hit wedding week – the final rush to get everything ready, it’s a good idea to set a point to switch gears and transition out of preparation mode and into celebration mode. I truly believe that the bride and groom play a huge part in setting the tone of wedding events. Trust your vendors and enjoy the outcome of all your planning efforts!” – Erica, the bride

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