May 22, 2013

“I almost titled this shoot “Logi Bear and Brittney” because that’s how I have Logan saved in my phone. I’ve had the pleasure to play music with Logan on many occasions and I always look forward to the next time. In the few years that I’ve known Logan, I have seen him grow as a musician and as a man. He always has a lighthearted attitude, is always fun to be around, and can turn any game of Telephone Pictionary into an experience you soon won’t forget.

I am so excited for Logan and Brittney to get married, it’s going to be a blast. Brittney is so sweet (and sometimes shy), which is a perfect fit for Logan’s silly attitude. She brings out the best in him, and he’s so sensitive around her. They are by far one of the best looking couples around, sometimes I get mad at them, because it’s just not fair… ok I don’t really get mad, but honestly, look at them, they’re pretty much models…


…this shoot was lots of fun, filled with conversation, lots of laughter and what I think are some awesome pictures. I hope for nothing but the same from their wedding, and can’t wait to be a part of their special day.” – Matthew Nigel Photography


Matt – our photographer is a very close friend to Logan. I was lucky enough to meet him at a church were I met Logan for the first time as well. He is such a funny guy and so easy to get along with. When Logan and I got engaged, he showed me some of Matts photo shoots and loved them all! I was so excited to ask him to do our engagement and wedding!


…Out of all our wedding plans I am most excited to see everything finally come together! I love all the designs and colors we picked out, but seeing everything completely put together is going to be what really shows all our hard work for the past few months.” – Brittney, the bride-to-be


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