Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder May 14, 2013

bouquet blueprint | pink ombre roses

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Roses are beautiful, classic and timeless blooms to incorporate into your wedding… so we decided to put a little spin on this quintessential rose wedding bouquet and make it ombre!


BOUQUET // This gorgeous ombre spray is sure to tickle the fancy of any bride to be! We’ve used six gradient shades of pink petals to create the variation in color across the bouquet. The stems have simply been wrapped in green ribbon (so as not to take away from the beautiful blooms) and secured with corsage pins. Roses are available year round, however there will be a cost increase around certain holidays such as Valentine ’s Day and Mother’s Day.


CARE // Roses are very hearty flowers however they can bruise if not taken care of properly. Never smash you hand on the top of the rose. This is an easy way to cause damage that will be seen on each petal of the rose. Also, the outer few petals of the rose are best removed before use. These petals tend to get damaged during packaging and are called “guard petals” because they help to protect the rest of the petals and keep them looking great! This bouquet can be left out of water for the majority of the day BUT the best idea is to keep it in a small amount of water until the ceremony or pictures.


RECIPE // A total of 36 roses are used for the large bouquet, 12 for each of the small “bridesmaid” Bouquets. For the large bouquet the amount of each color will vary allowing there to be a completely row of a single color. A minimum of 4 of each color will be needed.


BRIDESMAID BOUQUETS // To keep the ombre effect in the bridesmaid bouquets, two different colors are used for each of the bouquet. If there are three bridesmaids, use two colors of roses ascending in vibrancy down the line of bridesmaids. If there are 6 bridesmaids, each bouquet can be created from a single color. To keep it cohesive, the stems are covered in the same style as the Bride’s bouquet. This can easily be altered to fit any amount of Bridesmaids!


BOUTONNIERE // Roses make fantastic boutonnieres! The only issue is some rose types are a little large/heavy to wear as a boutonniere. The best choice is to select the smallest heads for the boutonnieres. Also be sure to use roses that are not completely open. If they are completely open the petals can start to fall throughout the day. Spritz the boutonnieres with water and place in the refrigerator prior to use to help keep the cool until they are ready to be used. The boutonniere shown is a simple mix of foliage to accent the classic nature of the bloom.


Amazing photography by: Studio 11 Weddings // gorgeous florals by: Floral Designs by Jacqueline Ahne // styling/layout by: Jen | Something Turquoise

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