April 08, 2013

I have a lovely proposal to share with you today! Kevin had been planning to propose to his girlfriend Norma for months and had the wonderful idea of hiring Marcella Treybig Photography to capture the special moment. I think it’s adorable that he dressed up in a tux!


A little background on what we like to do for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays… we try to take the day off and spend it with each other. Since our leap year anniversary was coming up we were trying to get the day off. It was all going to plan but a few days before I had a call from client for early that morning, and then Kevin told me that he couldn’t take the whole day off but he would need to workd the morning shift. This was fine since we both would be at work at the same time and I could use the extra time to get ready. I booked a nail appointment for myself, after I got off work.

On 2.29.12

I got up to go to work and noticed it was a rainy day. I was running late, so it was time for rain boots and wet hair, no time to dry it. I rushed to Diane’s Shop, where my client would be waiting for me. Diane also called me that morning and asked to please try to be a little early. So I rushed over, I parked the car and the rain never stopped falling… I was so glad I had worn rain boots and of course my hair was soaked!

I ran into the building and got to the door, Diane openned the door and as I walk in I first noticed balloons all over the place white, pink and red. I took a few more steps and I see familiar faces and there he was, on one knee. He began to speak, with his cute tuxedo on.

” Norma 8 years ago, I told you I loved you for the first time at this very place as I dropped you off for work, I love you more than that day, Will you Marry Me?” …. of course I said ” YES”!

He brought out the champange, we cheered with everyone and took off with the photographer for the proposal photos. My mom, sisters, friends, and Diane were all there and it was great, I can’t imagine a better proposal fit for us. Later he told me how he had this planned for a couple of months and didn’t share it with anyone until the night before the proposal because he was scared someone would tell me!


Our photographer Marcella Treybig was amazing, she is sweet as can be and made the day feel even more special. She was a referral from another couple that was getting married that same year. Kevin had contacted a friend and she bragged about how amazing the photographer was and he asked to book her immediately!


We use theknot.com and weddingwire.com, but mostly we’ve been going off referrals from friends to book our vendors and plan the wedding.


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