Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 20, 2013

Real Wedding | Nick + Amy

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“The more I got to know Amy, the more she made me smile!  Every time we spoke, she would let me in one another one of her awesome little details…   I followed her Pinetrest boards with anticipation, and I was not disappointed.  She had so many personal little DIY details, I didn’t know what to shoot first.  Nick and Amy were married on the coldest night in October, but her group of friends and family were as warm as can be!” – Jennifer Weens Photography

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How adorable is Amy’s party dress!!! I love it… and I LOVE those super hot pictures of her tossing her bouquet! Every bride should have fabulous pictures of themselves at that moment!


“My favorite memory was standing at the alter and listening to NIck’s wedding vows. We chose to write our own vows to eachother, so I knew that I would be in for a real treat from Nick! He’s a pretty goofy guy, so honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect! My wedding vows were sweet and straight from the heart. My vows made everyone in the chapel tear up. On the other hand, Nick’s were a little different. His wedding vows consisted of lines from George Strait, Gary Allen, and Randy Rogers country music love songs. Everyone in the chapel laughed at Nick’s vows, including myself. It was totally Nick, and totally us. So to me, that is a very special memory from our wedding that I will never forget!


Oh yes! I’m a very crafty person, and a lover of Pinterest! When Nick proposed, it didn’t take long for me to have every little wedding detailed planned out. Old Glory Ranch took care of most of the big details for the wedding; table cloths, table runners, floral, and lighting. I took charge of the small intimate details; centerpieces, signs, and pictures. I had a lot of help from my handy Dad who has every saw tool known to man, and my good friend Edmon Benavides who is artistically gifted… so I didn’t have to look very far for help!

All of the wooden signs in the wedding from the “Gettin’ Hitched” chapel entry sign, the “Made in Texas” sign, and the aisle “Here comes of the love of your life..” sign were made from old fence boards from my dad’s house, and hand painted by Edmon. I told my dad demensions for cutting and nailing, and told Edmon fonts and sizes for painting. I only had whip up a few home cooked meals in return, so it wasn’t a bad trade off!

The card box for wedding cards I made as well. I was inspired by a box I saw on the website Etsy. To buy it online it was pretty expensive, so I challenged myself to make it for half of the price! I bought two circular boxes (small and big) and layered them. I cut a large hole in the bottom of the smaller box so that the cards could fall through to the bottom of the second larger box. I then wrapped the boxes with burlap, brown ribbon and lace. For a final touch I added letters that spelled out “CARDS” and hung them with clothespins on the twine across the front of the box.

I also created the reception table centerpieces out of empty wine bottles. I love wine, so it wasn’t hard saving up bottles over a 10 month period. I cleaned the bottles, took all the sticker labels off of them, then wrapped the top of the bottles with twine leaving some spare twine to hang pictures from the bottles with clothespins. I chose to hang pictures from all throughout our entire relationship for display on the bottles. To me this made our wedding more personal. At the end of the night, we let guests take home the wine bottle centerpieces as souvenirs! They really liked that!

One of my favorite touches for the wedding was the bridesmaid dresses! I’ve gotten numerous compliments on how great they looked together. If you’re looking for a different style of dress for each girl, and need dresses in the same realm of colors, this is what you do… go to your local paint store and grab a couple of paint color swatches, whatever you like! The choices are endless! What I did was put several swatches in a card that asked each girl fo be my bridesmaid. The paint swatches are small enough to fit in a wallet, so I told them to keep them on hand, and when they’re out shopping for a dress, use the swatches as a guide! I was extremely nervous about this idea, but it ended up working out really well for me. The girls loved the idea because they could find a dress in their price range, buy something that they liked, and they could wear the dress again!


First and foremost book your venue, photographer, and videographer! Once that is done, start planning out all the small important details (flowers, linens, DIY crafts, etc.). Stretch out appointments, and crafting over the time you have until the day of the wedding. This will help you to not be so overwhelmed with everything all at once. Take on a small project every Sunday afternoon, or when you have a couple of spare hours in a day. Recruit friends and family members to help you with whatever needs to be done! Whatever you do don’t wait until the last minute to start thinking about the details. it’s the details that make your wedding a memorable one!” – Amy, the bride


Photography: Jennifer Weems Photography // Venue – Old Glory Ranch // Florist (chapel, reception) – Old Glory Ranch // Flower Bouquets – Miranda Cummings // Cake – Classic Cakes by Lori // Catering – Gennaro’s Italian Kitchen // Invitations and RSVPs – created by Christina Straughan // Party Favors (can koozies) – Kolder Inc. // Dress – Alfred Angelo // Groom/Groomsen Jackets – Cavenders // Hair – Jenna Comer – Clique Salon Houston // Make Up – Amber Thompson – Benefit Cosmetics

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