Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 13, 2013

real wedding | Trevor + Allison

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“Allison and Trevor are lovers of all things vintage and are both very creative. Their wedding was held in Trevor’s family’s back yard in Ocala, Florida, and it was nearly all DIY. There were darling details all over the place! The centerpieces were made from a compilation of vintage books, rustic church shaped bird house, a few bird sculptures and baby’s breath, with a vintage camera scattered here and there. I loved that they chose to do little personal pies for each of their guests. The atmosphere was very casual and relaxed with a catered BBQ dinner. Even Trevor’s family pup joined in on the fun!” – Meredith, Chic Shot Studio

ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_1 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_2 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_3 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_4 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_5 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_6 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_7 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_8 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_9 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_10 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_11 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_12 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_13 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_14 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_15 Jen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I absolutely love all the thought and detail that was put into this day. They truly transformed this backyard into a fabulous celebration – and they did it all themselves – in six months I might add! From the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses, to the games and the darling little individual pies… Trevor and Allison planned a beautiful affair – I’m sure it made all the other backyards jealous!!!

ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_16 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_17 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_18 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_19 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_20 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_21 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_22 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_23 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_24 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_25 ST_Chic_Shot_Studio_diy_backyard_wedding_26ST_favorite_wedding_day_memory

“Trevor and I were set on having a fun and relaxed wedding. We didn’t want people to feel stiff or bored, so we tried to provide activities. My favorite memory is Trevor and I stepping back and seeing our friends and family enjoying themselves. Guests were playing corn hole and checkers, kids were coloring wooden bird houses and playing on the swings. We saw everyone we love most laughing and smiling–despite the hot Florida weather! It was a priceless moment…


There were 6 months between the time of our engagement to our wedding day, and let me just say that my parent’s house looked like one giant craft shop! There was burlap and twine everywhere! I got all of my supplies at the Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, and A note to future brides, take advantage of the daily coupons you can get from Hobby Lobby! One of the most time consuming projects was the burlap silverware holders. The process itself was very easy, but I had a lot of them to make! It was worth it though, and I still use them at home. Trevor’s father and grandfather made our corn hole set, and my sister, Laura, and I created the beanbags to go with it. Trevor cut the wood for the signs around the yard that directed guests to the wedding and set apart the areas for games and the kid’s area. His sister, Kelly, and I then painted them. I bought wooden hearts for our table numbers and wooden birds for our “cake toppers” (although they topped a pecan pie instead of cake). My friend, Kristen, helped me stain them with tea bags to make them look more worn in. My dad then used a wood burner to carve the numbers onto the hearts. I created a “Here comes the bride” sign for the flower girl and ring bearer to carry down the aisle. I used burlap and backed it with brown wrapping paper so that if the sun was bright you’d still be able to read it. I also used burlap and twine to make many little banners to use in our photos or hang around the gift table. My garter was made from a lace ribbon with an elastic side already on it that I bought from Hobby Lobby. It was super cheap and easy, and looked beautiful when I put my mother’s brooch on it as my “something old”. I looked in a ton of stores and on a lot of websites before I realized I would never find a pre-made invitation that was perfect for us. So, Trevor decided to make them himself, and did an amazing job! We received many compliments. Our favors were old fashioned candy sticks from Cracker Barrel. I’m sure I’m forgetting things – there was so much that we did!


As stressful as it is, take time to enjoy it. It goes by so quickly! Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help (I learned that lesson the hard way). Most of all, remember that if something doesn’t go quite the way you planned, it’s not the end of the world–your wedding is about you and the one you love, not about the centerpieces or flowers.


Photography: ChicShot Studio // Invitations: Trevor Curington // Location: Private home // Dinner: Sonny’s BBQ // Dessert: Stella’s Modern Pantry // Flowers: Heritage Flowers (Consultant: Mary Weaver) // Hair + Makeup: Fresh Vintage (Stylist: Clara Vaughn) // Dresses, shoes, headpiece, veil: David’s Bridal // Alterations: Alterations Unlimited  // Suits: JCPenny // Rings: Zales // Tablecloths, tables, chairs, mason jars and tent: Party Time Rentals

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