March 12, 2013

“Meet my lovely couple, Meghan and Kevin! These two are fashionable, artistic, fun-loving, and very much in love! These images were taken at Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio as well as the adjacent, buzzing arts-centered area known as the Short North right next to downtown. Meghan’s gorgeous citrine engagement ring was found at Grandview Mercantile, a wonderfully fabulous consignment shop dedicated to collecting only the best pieces of vintage collections! These two are so sweet and I cannot wait to see their 1920’s-1930’s themed wedding in July! ” – Angela Fortin Snyder Photography

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How did you find your photographer?

Angela is my very best friend from college. We met our freshman year at Columbus College of Art and Design in a writing class. Being both fine arts majors, we continued to have many classes and long nights together. She did a number of senior portrait sessions while in high school and in her early college years and has greatly expanded from there! It has been so fun to watch her skills and business really take off. When I got engaged she was the obvious choice for my photographer!

What are you DIY-ing for your wedding?

Coming from an art and design school we are definitely taking the DIY route on a lot of things. My husband-to-be is a graphic designer and my Mom does a good amount of scrapbooking and card-making workshops around my hometown. They have combined forces, under my direction of course (haha),  and have designed custom invitations, thank you cards, programs, favors, table markers and seating chart. Another project is converting a vintage necklace from the 50’s into my hair piece. We are also going with the new trend of a dessert bar in lieu of cake. In addition to the cheesecake and pie from the caterer we are making our favorite family cookies, including my grandmothers recipe for molasses crackles!

What are you looking forward to the most?

Kevin and I are getting married in July in my hometown of Canton, Ohio. The ceremony will be at the church I grew up in and the reception will be at the Joseph Saxton Gallery of Photography. Our colors are classic black, white and pewter with a slight nod to the art deco period. I am really enjoying getting to involve the people and places I have grown up with. Our caterer is a local diner that I have been going to since I was a little girl, they also just happen to have a full service catering staff and make some awesome cheesecake! The DJ is the father of my closest friend from high school and he staffed almost all of my awkward middle school dances.  The most exciting thing for me about our wedding is getting to bring together all of our friends and family in one place, at one time. We have family and friends coming from Georgia, New York, Kentucky and of course from all corners of Ohio.” – Meghan, the bride-to-be


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Diane @ Vintage Zest
March 12, 2013

What a cute couple and elegant photoshoot! I can't wait to see the wedding, it sounds fantastic and right up my alley with all the Art Deco details!