Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder March 06, 2013

real wedding | Cameron + Jessica

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“These two lovebirds started their day off with a romantic first look. Tucked in on either side of a rustic barn in the center of Calgary they held hands and anticipated the moment where they would see each other for the first time. Cameron could not stop telling Jessica how beautiful she looks and she scrunched her shoulders up with love and joy! …from the wedding party attire, to the gorgeous bouquet with 100 year old lace – right down to every last inch of the reception, Kismet & Clover outdid themselves styling this wedding! It was such a beautiful day. – Monica of Red Bloom Photography

ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_1 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_2 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_3 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_4 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_5 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_6 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_7 Jen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I absolutely love her choice of bridesmaids dresses! They all look so darlingly different and it feels like each girl is comfortable in her dress – which is important! You want your besties to feel their best!

ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_8 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_9 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_10 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_11 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_12 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_12a ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_13 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_14 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_15 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_16 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_17 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_18 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_19 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_20 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_21 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_22 ST_Red_Bloom_Photography_rustic_wedding_23ST_favorite_wedding_day_memory

“My favorite wedding day memory was after our first look, when Cameron and I traveled to the ceremony together. It was just me and him – in the car, glowing and beaming at one another, feeling so confident and excited about the great day that was about to unfold. It was our time for just the two of us to really connect without distractions. I’m so very glad for that time together…


..Every detail and decoration was DIY. There’s just so many to list! It made for lots of crafting afternoons with my gal pals and mother-in-law. I had such a specific look I was trying to achieve, so I knew DIY-ing was the way to go. It was totally rewarding! From antique shopping for unique pieces, to assembling frame chalkboards, sewing pennants, collecting mason jars and gluing on lace/burlap, I could go on and on! The best part was that the entire wedding reflected us in every way, heart and soul :)


…My advice to brides in the planning process it to allow yourself plenty of time to get things done so you’re not feeling too much pressure. Look for bargains and go to garage sales! Don’t try to take on too much on your own – your friends are there to help, and trust me, they’ll love being involved!” – Jessica, the bride


photographer: Red Bloom Photography // second photographer: ENV Photography // event design and decor: Kismet & Clover (which the bride owns!) // florist: Dahlia Floral Design // invitations: Oko No Ki Design // hair: Jill Keech Hair // hair accessories: Suki // cake: Posh Panda Desserts // venue: Calgary Polo Club // caterer: Sorrenti’s Catering

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