February 21, 2013

“They have an ‘old fashioned’ love. He still opens the door for her, he holds her hand… and I’m pretty sure he would cover a puddle with his jacket so she could step over it. Ashley sent me a text and said, “Hey, I got this old truck! Do you think we could use it?” Every part of me smiled, and we were off!” – Collette Mruk Photography

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Collette Mruk took some great pictures of my brother for her sports photography and high school senior portfolio. I decided to obtain her services after seeing his photos and some other engagement/wedding sessions she had done for other people.  She is very creative and tries to remain unique to the person she is photographing, which I like.  One of my favorite movies is The Notebook and my wedding theme is a vintage/rustic but chic theme. I love the vintage setting so I asked Collette if we could incorporate an antique truck that belonged to a very good friend’s grandfather in our pictures.  She immediately had some ideas as to how to bring it all together. My mom and I set out to find the perfect outfit which was purchased at the Black and White store. The vintage polka dot black and white skirt couldn’t have been planned out better especially with my red high heels…my next adventure was to locate some suspenders and a vintage style hat for William. Once my mission was accomplished and a date was set…I couldn’t wait to pull it all together. Of course the beautiful antique truck just topped it all off like a big red cherry! It was the perfect centerpiece for our background. Vintage yet rustic and chic….everything I wanted Collette to capture and she did it!..


We are painting wooden table numbers as well as making burlap sacks or the bridesmaid gift bags. If time permits we plan to try and make eyelet lace covered balloons to hang in the trees for our ceremony…


The biggest moment I am looking forward to is when the doors open to the ceremony and seeing William at the end of the isle watching me walk towards my best friend to start the beginning of forever, for us!” – Ashely, the bride


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Christy Gaeta
February 21, 2013

These are fantastic!!