Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder February 11, 2013

real wedding | Andrew + Megan

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“Despite being a hot and sticky Florida day, Megan and Drew’s wedding was awesome! Their whole crew of friends were so nice and they sure know how to have fun! The wedding was held at a house that was nestled in huge mossy oak trees, surrounded by winding country roads… such a perfect taste of central Florida!” – Meredith of Chic Shot Studio

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I absolutely love how many things Megan and her family DIY-ed for this wedding! She knew what she wanted and when she couldn’t find it she enlisted her closest to help her create it! Read her advice below for all the details!



“My favorite wedding day memory was when my new husband and I were sitting at our little table at our reception and we just stopped and looked out at everyone who was there. We heard the laughing and saw the smiles of all the people that had traveled so far, or had done so much to help us prepare and make this incredible day happen, and just realizing that they were all there to celebrate with US and share in what the Lord had and will continue to do in our lives was huge!


OH MY! Did we diy anything for our wedding-YES! Most of our wedding was DIY-ed. Our wedding invitations were actually made by my mom and I. We spent a long time looking in stores and online and after not finding anything that really fit the mood that I wanted for this special day, we decided to make them. They are still one of my favorite aspects from our wedding.  It was a lot of fun to get make them with my mom-we had lots of laughs and good conversations along the way.

Also, we made the save the date cards, and the programs that were used as fans for our guests during the ceremony. We made all the bags that our favors were in. We decided to use SC peaches and FL oranges since my husband was born and raised in SC and I grew up in FL. We used some of the fruit as decoration on some of the tables and then guests just put one of each in their bags that were already at their seats to take with them as their favor.

The flowers in both mine and my mom’s hair we also made.  The signs around the yard and tent were made by my aunt, who owns the house and property on which we got married. She and my uncle were wonderful and helped us with so much! I made the guest books as well. Just went to Barnes and Noble and got two journals and hot glued buttons on them and wrote questions on them and our guests got to leave a more personal message than just their names. It’s a lot of fun to read back through and read what they wrote about us and for us!


Get a wedding director!!! Our wedding turned out absolutely beautifully and I wouldn’t change anything about it except I would have had someone there to direct and help with the last finishing touches so my mom and family weren’t so stressed out right before trying to get everything done. Also, take a moment to just step away from the excitement and look at everyone who is there to celebrate with you. Take a snapshot in your mind. It’s really overwhelming to see so many people that love you and that you love so much in one place, sharing in your joy.” – Megan, the bride


photography: Chic Shot Studio // venue: private home // florist: Flowers by Milk & Honey // bride and bridesmaid dresses: David’s Bridal // suites: JCPenny // bow ties: Brittons of Columbia // yard signs, favors, guest book, programs and etc: DIY-ed by the bride and her family

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