January 24, 2013

Waking up at 5am…worth it! I had such a blast hanging out with my friends, Suzy and Andrew, as we strolled around White Rock Lake for their engagement photos. I have always wanted to do photos at sunrise and these guys were totally up for it…I have to hand it to them–even after hours of shooting, they never got sick of being lovey-dovey and still gave us some REAL moments and laughter.” – Kristen Dee Photography

ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_11ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_9ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_7ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_1ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_2ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_3ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_4ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_5ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_6ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_8ST_Kristen_Dee_Photography_10how did you find your photographer

Kristen is a very good friend of mine! She will also be shooting our wedding in Offida, Italy in June!

Are you DIY-ing anything for your wedding?

I wish. However, since we are getting married in Italy, it will be tough to pack. We’re keeping everything very simple.

Of all your wedding plans, what are you looking forward to the most?

Family is very important to Andrew and I. We’re looking forward to our small and intimate wedding. We will be celebrating with our close family and friends in a beautiful villa, in the charming town of Offida, Italy.  I am marrying my best friend and it will be the perfect start to a beautiful life together!


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