Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder January 21, 2013

real wedding | jeremy + brooke

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The day began with a sweet ceremony at Long Center for Performing Arts overlooking the gorgeous Austin skyline. Jeremy and Brooke’s puppy Lucy walked down the aisle as ring bearer with her custom feather collar and basked in all the attention. But Brooke wasn’t to be upstaged, and wowed everyone with her stunning Nicole Miller dress and bouquet made of feathers and succulents. After the deal was sealed, the evening festivities moved to the gorgeous garden grounds of the French Legation Museum for a Great Gatsby inspired evening of fun. The tables were decorated with Indian tapestries gifted from Jeremy’s dad, and some were even laid out into a picnic style area front and center of the stage. Vividly spray painted succulents in different shapes and sizes acted as the perfect accents to each table. The White Ghost Shivers warmed everybody up and got everyone moving, then the LCD Soundsystem cover band All My Friends kicked the dance party into high gear. Even when the power circuit blew, the guests continued singing the song a capella until the end….” – Cory Ryan Photography

ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_2ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_3ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_4ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_5ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_6Jen Carreiro, Editor of Something Turquoise

I absolutely love how so many different types of gorgeous succulents where incorporated into this entire event… from her drop dead gorgeous bouquet, to the amazing alter decor and the brightly colored table centerpieces. The vivid colors of these special cacti not only bear an earthy feel but also bring a spicy flair to the event decor.

ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_7ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_8 ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_9ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_10ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_11ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_12ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_14ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_15ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_16ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_17ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_18ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_19ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_20ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_21ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_22ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_23ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_24 ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_26ST_Cory_Ryan_Photography_succulent_wedding_27What is your favorite wedding day memory

Two stand out in my mind — when we woke up, (Jeremy and I stayed together the night before), we walked our dog (Lucy) down the street to a little bistro and had coffee and breakfast together just the two of us plus Lucy. It was a really lovely way to start the day and we were really happy we did that.  Then, at the end of our reception, surrounded by friends and family from all stages of our lives, jumping up and down and singing along at the top of our lungs to LCD Soundsystem songs, well that was just as good as it gets…  

Did you DIY anything for your wedding

Jeremy and our friend Justin Kyle designed the invites and our wedding website, both of which were pretty unique.  Jeremy also designed gig posters which we used as favors.  The invites and gig posters were incredibly cool.  Jeremy and Justin did all of the creative parts — I can’t take much credit for them other than the accuracy of the information reflected in them.  I thought the invites and website that Justin did looked really great and we received a lot of compliments for how different they looked.  Given our house is covered in gig posters and that concerts make up such a big part of our lives, I adore the gig poster and I loved the design that Jeremy came up with. We also used tapestries from Jeremy’s dad’s trip to India as a giant picnic blanket during the reception.  The picnic blanket obviously wasn’t very crafty, but we loved the splash of color and casual “let’s hang out” vibe it brought to the French Legation lawns…

What is your advice for brides currently in the planning process

Don’t feel constrained by expectations or tradition — do it the way you want to do it!  Also, don’t create too many moving pieces or decisions for yourself – in the end I was so tired of making decisions and tying up loose ends.  Pick the things that matter to you and accept help where help is given! – Brooke

wedding event credits

photography: Cory Ryan Photography // ceremony venue: The Long Center City Terrace // reception venue: French Legation Museum // event designer: Sarah K. Wolf // floral designer: Rosehip Flora // caterer: Pink Avocado Catering // dress store: Unbridaled – Nicole Miller // rings: Dean Fredrik // hair: Sara Ostovar of No. 9 Dream Hair Salon // makeup: Be Belle Beauty // cake: Austin Cake Ball // groom’s cake: Mr. Natural // band: White Ghost Shivers and All My Friends // DJ: DJ Hayden Bagot of Flying Turns // lighting: Sense and Color // guest transportation: R&R Limousine and Bus // sound and stage: Normad Sound 

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