peach wedding inspiration from Etsy
Jen Causey-Kidder
Jen Causey-Kidder December 11, 2012

etsy | peachy keen inspiration

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Today’s Etsy inspiration board was inspired by the gorgeous peach lace wedding shawl by Noa Vider who specializes in wedding shrugs. The color peach is so delicate and romantic…

peach wedding inspiration from EtsyAll of these gorgeous images are from current Etsy listings, that’s right – you can purchase all of these items right now! For these exact listings and many more please follow this {link}

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ETSY SELLER/IMAGE CREDITS // shabby chic peach lace wedding shawl: Noa Vider // ornamented printable ombre peach wedding invitation suite: Confetti Pop Shop // plantable peach seed favor hearts: Ka Bloomz // blush tassel party garland: Tuck & Bonte // silk peach wedding hair flower pins: Fiber Stone // Bridesmaid T-shirt: Perfect Little Details // peach flower cake topper: FleurLux

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